The AIIA held a Policy Dialogue Day event on June 19 and June 20 and met with key Government and Shadow Ministers to discuss the sector, forward agendas and portfolio progress

Members of the Policy SIG convened in Canberra for two days of talks with key Government and Shadow Ministers to discuss a range of issues affecting the sector including security, digital transformation, changes to the R&D tax incentive, digital economy strategy, cyber engagement, safe harbour and fair use, technology trends in STEM.

Members, reported the Dialogue Days meetings provided them with insights on Government processes and opportunities for industry engagement.

The AIIA met with the DTA on June 20 for a preview of the draft Digital Transformation Strategy

Key takeaways from this meeting are as follows:

  1. DTA and the Government are to launch a new Digital Transformation Strategy in August this year following Cabinet approval.
  2. The Digital Transformation Strategy will be complemented by a Digital Road Map to be launched after the Strategy – later this year. The Road Map will capture details of digital projects across the Australian Public Service to be undertaken in the next 24 months. Different agencies will be responsible for leading different digital projects.
  3. The DTA is keen to partner with Industry on implementing the Strategy.

Meeting with Kim Carr’s office on the R&D Tax Incentive and recent changed announced as part of the 2018-19 Budget

Members and stakeholders met with Kim Carr’s office to discuss changes to the R&D tax incentive. The meeting was a great opportunity for members to provide direct feedback on how these recent changes are hurting the sector. The Opposition understands the concerns that were outlined by the AIIA and will be seeking to engage further with the AIIA on this topic.

The AIIA are working with both sides of Government to ensure that reforms to the incentive are sustainable and encourage innovation in Australia. The Department of Treasury are currently drafting the reform legislation. AIIA are working behind the scenes with key Government and opposition stakeholders.

DTA released a draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) for public consultation

The DTA have released for Public Consultation a draft of the TDIF, released last week.

The TDIF public consultation drafts are available here.

The DTA appreciates the feedback that the AIIA have provided to date and would welcome any additional feedback. Feedback can be submitted via the ‘Survey link’ which can be accessed from the above link.

DTA released a draft of the Digital Panel Policy for public consultation

Submission are due on 12 July 2018. Link to this submission can be found here.

DTA released a draft of the Software Licencing and Services Panel for public consultation

Submission are due on 5 July 2018. Link to this submission can be found here.

Members, if you would like to discuss any of the items above in further detail please contact Kishwar Rahman or Damien Lewis.