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Membership of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) helps your organisation grow its business and influence across your target markets. Thank you for considering stepping up to join our community of digital leaders.  We know that we are stronger as one, and our work at the AIIA is driving better social and economic outcomes for Australia through innovation and representation.

The AIIA offers two types of membership – Full Membership, Subsidiary Membership and Associate Membership.

An optional “Platinum” upgrade is available to all AIIA members who wish to participate in a philanthropic B2B marketplace.  The AIIA relationship with provides a platform for leaders, executives and decision makers to meet, solve problems and give to charity at the same time.  AIIA Members receive a 50% reduction on their meetmagic subscription.

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AIIA Full & Subsidiary Membership

The Full Membership categories are designed for an organisation whose primary business function is the supply of Technology Goods and Services.

Being a Full member of the AIIA provides you with unrestricted benefits (refer to the Member Benefits Inventory below) and demonstrates that your organisation is a leader in the Australian technology industry that is actively contributing to the health and vibrancy of the Australian economy.

The AIIA Full membership fee is annual, based on the organisation’s FTE employee headcount in the Australian operation.

Full & Subsidiary Membership – Technology Sector

Full membership categoryCriteria
(Full-time employee headcount – Australian operation)
Full Member Fee

Annual (Ex GST)

Subsidiary Member Fee

Annual (Ex GST)

Sole business owner1 employee$350$175
Micro business2 to 5 employees$1,350$675
Small business6 to 20 employees$3,500$1,750
Medium business21 to 100 employees$10,000$5,000
Corporate101 to 200 employees$20,000$10,000
Enterprise201+ employees$30,000$15,000
OPTIONAL: “Platinum” UpgradePurchase ten (10) meetmagic executive meetings

meetmagic annual subscription



Not applicable

Same fee as FULL member

Full Member Category

As an ICT vendor/supplier, the membership category for your organisation is determined by the FTE headcount for your organisation’s Australian operation.

Subsidiary Member Category

1. A Subsidiary Membership applies to an organisation with a valid ABN that is a wholly owned subsidiary of an AIIA Member organisation (“parent”) however they operate as autonomous entities 2. An AIIA Subsidiary Membership comes with all the benefits of an AIIA Full Membership 3. The applicable fee for a Subsidiary Member is a discounted fee of 50% of the nominal fee of the category that they would ordinarily qualify for based on our membership criteria 4. The parent organisation must be a financial AIIA member for the Subsidiary Member to qualify for the 50% discount

Platinum Member

Organisations looking to meet with senior leaders Organisations looking to make a positive, social impact (70% of each meeting fee is donated to charity)

Membership benefits extend to your entire Australian team.

* Any organisation can apply to be a Full Member and to therefore receive the Full Member benefits, including access to Policy Advisory Networks, National Board, State & Territory Councils.

AIIA Associate Membership

The Associate Membership categories, introduced in 2020, are designed for organisations outside of the technology sector as well as technology innovators/startups.

Being an Associate member of the AIIA provides you with partial benefits (refer Member Benefits Inventory below) and demonstrates that your organisation actively contributes to the health and vibrancy of the Australian economy through your use and adoption of technology. We encourage technology innovators to start as an Associate member, with a view to becoming a Full member as their organisation grows and their needs for greater industry and government alignment increases.

Key features of the Associate Memberships are:
  • 5 new Associate membership Categories; catering for organisations, across industries
  • Attractive entry level fees
  • Partial benefits – refer Member Benefits Inventory
  • Membership approval required via the AIIA Membership team

Associate Membership – Non- Technology Sector & Startups


Associate membership categoryCriteriaAnnual (Ex GST)
Industry collaboration PartnerIdeal for organisations that are members of other associations not within the ICT industry$1,500
Government & Public SectorIdeal for organisations in the public sector$5,000
Innovation & Startup communityIdeal for startups / Microbusiness & members of innovation hubs$150
Education InstitutionsIdeal for organisations in the education sector$2,500
Marketplace Partner ProgramIdeal for organisations who want to partner with the AIIA for sponsorship and the provision of services to benefits members$2,500

Associate Member Category

Associate membership category is determined by the category that best describes the purpose of your organisation’s Australian operation.

Membership benefits extend to your entire Australian team.

* Any organisation can apply to be a Full member and to therefore receive the Full member benefits, including access to Policy Advisory Networks, National Board, State & Territory Councils. Refer “Member Benefits Inventory”

Member Benefits Inventory

Every thriving industry needs an association that gives it one strong voice, influences policy outcomes, supports the growth of its members and creates networking and business opportunities.

The AIIA delivers all of this through our member engagement and participation:

  • Industry Networking
  • Events & Sponsorship
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Special Interest Groups
  • State Councils
  • National Board
  • Content and Resources
  • Marketing Reach & Communication
  • Voting Rights
  • International Connections

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