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AIIA Executive Remuneration Survey for the Information, Technology and Telecommunications Industries

The AIIA has partnered with GRG to provide its extensive and market leading Executive Remuneration Survey (ERS) at a substantial discount to AIIA members.

Pricing is aligned to AIIA membership tiers so there is the right price for your company size.

The survey is designed to directly meet the needs of remuneration committees, boards and human resources professionals by providing a fully-serviced, comprehensive survey of market remuneration practices for Australian executive and general manager roles.

Created specifically for the Australian market, GRG’s ERS combines the information disclosed in remuneration reports on executive key management personnel (KMP) remuneration with company-collected data for over 60 executive and general manager roles to provide deep, granular data on quantum and variable pay plan metrics.

GRG’s customer focus ensures data quality and completeness and a high level of user confidence in the market information.

Make informed, accurate remuneration decisions

Remuneration for your executives and general managers is a balancing act linking individual performance, market relativities and your company’s business strategy. To drive and reward desired behaviours and performance, their total remuneration packages are typically a mix of:

      •   Fixed Pay
      •   Short-term Incentive (STI) remuneration
      •   Service Vesting Equity Grants (emerging practice) and
      •   Long-term Incentive (LTI) remuneration.

With today’s intense competition for senior talent, it is critical that your company reviews both the total remuneration quantum and incentive plan/performance metrics.

GRG’s ERS provides a deep dive into fixed pay and incentive plans (including plan selection, appropriate targets and design variations) for every role, enabling you to make informed, market-driven decisions to suit your company’s circumstances and business strategies.

General management data helps you plan for your future leaders

Companies generally review senior executive remuneration practices in isolation, excluding the general management population. But this overlooks what is often a critical talent pool for a company’s future leaders. Significant turnover, lower global talent mobility, diversity and inclusion and gender targets, and capability gaps amongst existing teams are market realities forcing companies to look beyond the traditional senior management group for leadership.

GRG’s ERS provides you with access to general manager remuneration quantum and incentive plan metric data so you can carefully plan today for your leaders of tomorrow.

Predictive Remuneration Model (PRM)

GRG has developed the Predictive Remuneration Model uniquely for the Australian executive remuneration market.

For many roles at both CEO-1 and CEO-2 levels, market data is unavailable, or insufficient enough to skew results. The PRM expertly fills in these blanks by drawing on our decades of observing executive remuneration practices.

For example, we’ve seen that fixed pay for various roles is often pro rata to that of the CEO; STIs and LTIs, typically a percentage of fixed pay, tend to increase in steps that apply to many roles; and both elements are linked to company size. The PRM uses these and other market inferences to calculate indicative executive remuneration quantum and mix.

As a member of GRG’s ERS, you receive both market data and PRM outputs, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to make the most informed decisions and recommendations for consideration by boards.

Comprehensive reporting


Remuneration Numerics Report

Your tailored report will display market remuneration by position for:

Fixed Pay subdivided into its constituent elements such as cash, compulsory equity, salary sacrifice equity, superannuation, other benefits and FBT,
STI opportunity at target and stretch, divided into:
o Cash settled
o Fully vested equity settled with nil or minimal deferred access
o Fully vested equity settled with deferred access
o Service vesting equity settled
o Performance vesting equity settled
Other service vesting equity awards such as for sign-on or retention awards
LTI opportunity at target and stretch
Total Remuneration Packages at target and stretch levels.


Report functionality allows you to tailor the numerics output according to market capitalisation/revenue range and sector to see a more customised view of the market.

The report also presents data in two formats: company-provided data combined with disclosed data; and disclosed data only.
Accompanying compa-ratios compare your individual data set with market rates to report your company’s remuneration market competitiveness on a per position basis.

Remuneration Numerics Report
This report covers market practices in relation to the key design features of STI and LTI plans, with metrics including:

STI plans
• Types of STI plans
• Outcome metrics
• The broad categories of outcome metrics being used: financial, operational, strategic, sustainability and individual
• The weighting being applied to each outcome metric and each category of metric
• Award modifiers and
• Award gates.

LTI plans
• Types of LTI plans
• Performance metrics
• The broad categories of performance metrics being used: financial, operational, strategic, sustainability and individual
• The weighting being applied to each performance metric and each category of metric
• Vesting modifiers and
• Vesting gates.

Roles & job families
Your ERS reports will provide data on roles in the following categories:
• General Management
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Corporate Affairs
• Customer Service
• Mining & Exploration
• Information Technology
• Legal
• Marketing
• Operations
• Property
• Research & Development
• Sales
• Strategy
• Other


The full category list can be viewed here: Category List

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