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Board Elections

Leading Australia’s Technology Sector

Each year, the AIIA renews its leadership of the sector by electing and appointing outstanding individuals who each are making significant contributions to the future of technology innovation and leadership in Australia.

Is next year the year you step up to represent the sector, increasing the prominence of your organisation in the discussions that are shaping Australia’s future? This is a fun, important and exceptional opportunity to contribute, shape and play an important role in the future direction of the Association and the Industry as a whole.

Nominating for a position on the Board of Directors is providing you with the opportunity to represent your industry, take a leadership role, and become involved in specific activities such as connecting with the grass roots of the sector in a new way, for example with and through Councils, being involved in committees like the iAwards and Special Interest Groups.


About the AIIA Board

The Australian Information Industry Association is a not-for-profit organisation established as a Company limited by guarantee. AIIA’s Constitution provides its governance arrangements and defines its direction and structure.

The Board of Directors oversees all AIIA operations and sets the strategic direction of the Association.

The Directors on the AIIA’s Board of Directors are elected or appointed by their industry peers and the Association’s Chair is selected from, and by, members of the Board.

The AIIA Board is composed of 17 people:

  • 11 elected directors
  • 5 directors appointed by the Board
  • the immediate Past Chair

Elected directors are elected for a term of three years from the date of their election and are entitled to stand for re-election. Appointed Directors are appointed for a period determined by the Directors, which shall be no longer than three years.

Requirements of AIIA Board Directors

Board Directors are required to:

  • Abide by the legal and business requirements placed on directors in commercial organisations
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Attend the Board meeting held following the AGM to elect office-holders and allocate responsibilities
  • Attend each of the four Board meetings held throughout the year, each of which may be followed by an industry dinner with members and other stakeholders. Board meetings are held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in rotation
  • Host at least one function a year with a group of members, allocated on a geographical or interest basis
  • Meet their own expenses in attending Board meetings and other related activities
  • Take a leadership role in an area of AIIA activity and participate in initiatives associated with AIIA programs and activities.

Further information about the roles and responsibilities of board directors (including personal legal obligations) can be found on the Australian Institute of Company Directors website.

Conduct of AIIA Board election

The AIIA Board elections are conducted by an independent Returning Officer who is not an officer or employee of AIIA. The Returning Officer is required to conduct the AIIA Board elections in accordance with the AIIA Constitution and relevant legislation, and to ensure an accurate, secure and independent process.

Nomination process


Candidates must be the Chief Executive Officer of a financial AIIA Full Member company. Chief Executive Officers of Associate Member companies and other persons are not eligible to be elected to a Board position.

How to nominate

The nomination process is by self-nomination, without need of a seconder.

Nominations should be submitted online.

Details regarding the Nominations process are provided in the online form.

Nominations have closed for 2023. The AIIA Election team will announce a call for nominations in 2024. 

How to vote

The Chief Executive Officer of a financial Full Member of the AIIA holds the National Vote on behalf of their organisation. The CEO must have a valid Profile on the AIIA system to exercise their vote.

Voting instructions together with a list of candidates will be sent to the National Vote Holder. Voting is conducted electronically.

Eligible elected candidates are those who receive the most number of votes. The candidates with the highest number of votes in accordance with the number of vacancies will be appointed as Directors.

If elected

New directors will be required to complete and sign the AIIA’s Consent to Act as a Director form.

Information, advice and assistance

Contact Simon Bush, AIIA CEO for information about the AIIA directorships and Strategic Direction of the Association .

You can phone the AIIA on 1300 665 145

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