Policy Advisory Networks (PANs)

In March 2020, the former Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) transitioned to a new governance framework to become Policy Advisory Networks (PANs).

The PANs function as the collaborative bodies for all member-based policy and advocacy activities within the AIIA.

Financial Services


Federal Government




State Governments


Corporate Social Responsibility


Digital Skills


Domestic Capabilities

The AIIA PANs provides members with a unique, interest-based forum that supports policy and advocacy activities, industry involvement and engagement with key stakeholders within both the public and private sectors.
The role of the PANs include:

  • Providing input into any AIIA policy positions
  • Responding to ICT industry issues
  • Responding to Federal, State and Territory Government enquiries, consultations, legislative development and policy frameworks
  • Assisting with issues management within the AIIA
  • Functioning as a forum for members, including events, networking opportunities and other related activities

PAN Membership

Membership is open to all Full and Associate AIIA members, as defined by the AIIA Constitution.

Where possible, PANs are encouraged to collaborate with peer associations, industry bodies, government agencies and other organisations to increase interaction between members and broader industry interests.


Each PAN is governed by its own Policy Advisory Leadership Team (PALT), which functions as moderator for any and all feedback received from the broader AIIA membership as part of the Policy Advisory Engagement process for special interest areas and policy consultations.

The PALTs are subject to a Terms of Reference, which defines their roles and responsibilities within the AIIA.

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