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AIIA Alumni

The AIIA Alumni is a prestigious body of the Association’s leading industry peers who have contributed to AIIA in the past and who continue to contribute to the development of the Australian ICT industry through AIIA. The AIIA Alumni are primarily former Directors of the AIIA Board.

The AIIA Alumni

  • Provide a valuable pool of knowledge and experience to the AIIA Board, AIIA Executive and membership
  • Use their business experience and relationships to support AIIA membership and service programs and its member companies
  • Provide mentoring and advice to AIIA member companies, particularly its SME members
  • Support the recruitment and retention of companies to the AIIA membership
  • Keep connected with each other and with their peers in the industry
  • Give critical input into AIIA’s industry policies and the advocacy of those policies to governments.

Membership of the AIIA Alumni Group is open to all prior Directors of the association at no charge.

The Alumni Chair is John Price. Up to October 2006 John spent 15 years as a Board Director and three as Chair. Partly in parallel, he spent 20 years on the NSW Branch Committee, also Chairing the branch for three years.

John is enthusiastic about the value of AIIA drawing on the knowledge and experience of key individuals who are no longer formally connected to AIIA. He has a wealth of experience in both the Australian and international ICT sectors and a passion both for the development of industry-wide goals and the aspirations of individual companies. He believes the AIIA Alumni group will have much to offer our members in a constantly changing environment.

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The Board

The Board of Directors oversees all AIIA operations, develops the National Business Plan, and sets the strategic direction of the Association.

State Councils

The State and Territory Councils promote the AlIA’s objectives, programs, policies, interests and objectives within those specific State and Territories.


The Executive provides management and operational support for the activities of the Association nationally.

AIIA History

The AIIA had its origins as the Australian Computer Equipment Suppliers’ Association (ACESA), which was established in 1978.


AIIA manages a number of programs to support and promote the digital industry, including both national and state-based initiatives.

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The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is the peak representative body and advocacy group for the ICT industry in Australia.

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