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Building Australia’s Digital Workforce

Workers today face the challenge of growing career volatility as their jobs are increasingly impacted on by emerging new technologies and automation. At the same time, employer organisations struggle with the question of how best to address their changing capability needs and having a ‘future fit’ workforce. Not only must organisations support talent development within their workforce, but do so in a way that enables measurable performance improvement.

The AIIA Skills Hub provides a ‘place to go’ for building new skills and developing new workforce capability in totally new ways. The Skills Hub is delivered via our partner SkillsLogiQ, a specialist education technology company that builds ‘capability academies’ to create future-fit workforces. No longer is simply providing more learning content that focuses on technical or functional skills, or course libraries, sufficient!! Rather, the Skills Hub is a capability academy that focuses on skills management and becoming a ‘place to go’ for deep engagement between individuals, community peers, and academic thought-leaders. It directly supports, and provides deep and focused content to facilitate, learning “in the flow of work” – the notion of accessing knowledge as needed to build a new skill, solve a problem, or meet an organisational challenge. It embraces the notion of a personalised, community-based, social learning experience. At the same time, it directly and dynamically targets education and training to the exact skills needs of individuals.

By providing the latest academic-curated content, and support for engagement and collaboration, the Skills Hub supports individuals and organisations alike in performance improvement and capability-building. For individuals (who can only obtain access if they are employees or affiliates of AIIA member organisations), it provides the ability to manage their upskilling needs through their personal Skills Passport as well as support for on the job performance improvement. Employer organisations can access workforce skilling profile reports through their own management interface and be supported in building workforce capability. For Higher education institutions, it enables the promotion of courses through the credentials market and to support students and alumni in digital careers. A key component is facilitation of engagement and collaboration between academics and researchers with AIIA organisation members.

The AIIA Skills Hub represents the next generation of learning experience that directly supports skills management and organisational capability building.

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