The Entry Process

You don’t need to be working in an ICT/IT environment to be successful in the iAwards. If you’re solving problems using technology, we’d love to hear about it – no matter what type of industry you work in. We strongly encourage students to showcase their solutions too. If you’re thinking about entering the iAwards, but need some guidance on the process, then follow these tips to get the most out of your iAwards journey.

1. Create an Application

Create your entry on our judging platform. Sign up and familarise yourself with the questions. You can go back to revise your application at any time before the final deadline.

View the iAwards 2021 criteria guidelines
2. Choose your Category

Select a Core Market Category based on the primary market for your innovation. You can choose up to three categories – one primary Market Category and one Stage Category and/or Technology Category. As part of your submission, you will be asked to respond to the specific criteria for the selected categories. Experiment by selecting different categories and check the various tabs to see what information you’re required to provide.

3. Take Note from our Chief iAwards Judge

Watch this helpful video by our Chief iAwards Judge as he shares some tips on completing your 2021 iAwards application.

4. Collect the following Information
  • Contact details for two referees, a project representative and a media/PR representative
  • Details of who is involved in the project, i.e. team members, partner organisations, etc.
5. Write your Application concisely and to the Criteria

You’ll have the opportunity to explain the problem your innovation solves, but you’ll need to use evidence (or educated guesstimates with evidence) to back up any claims you make.

6. Submit before the Deadline

We understand that innovation can change in a matter of weeks. However, we strongly encourage you to submit your application early. You can continue to log back in and edit your application until the final deadline (5:00 PM AEST on Friday, 30 April 2021).

7. Create a Video

Create a video clip that succinctly encapsulates your innovation/project. While optional, it’s highly recommended to submit a video with your application, as it will be viewed by the judges as part of your entry. We’re looking for authentic, passionate pitches about your innovation. While they should be as engaging and interesting as possible, there is no expectation that they are professionally produced. Face-to-camera clips filmed on smart phones or similar are much preferred over production-quality clips. Videos should be no more than 60 seconds long

8. Ask questions

If at any point in the process you have any questions or need clarification, please contact our iAwards team at or call 1300 665 145.

9. Enjoy the iAwards Journey

The iAwards program can be a lengthy journey, with many opportunities along the way. Past experience tells us that entrants gain a lot from going through the iAwards process. We ask the hard questions that others might not, and it’s a great opportunity for you to test your approach to your innovation. The program pulls together innovators, do-ers and problem solvers from across the entire economy. Be open to feedback and make connections along the way.

Please note that for Western Australian innovators, the pathway is slightly different. You become eligible for the iAwards through entering the WAITTA Incite Awards.

2021 iAwards


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