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About the AIIA

The AIIA represents the depth and breadth of Australia’s innovation technology companies.

Given the numbers of tech professionals employed by these companies, the AIIA represents a significant portion of the 900,000+ workforce of the Australian technology sector.

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. We are a not-for-profit organisation to benefit members, and AIIA membership fees are tax deductible. Since 1978, the AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favourable business environment for our members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity.

We do this by delivering outstanding member value by:

  • Providing a strong voice of influence
  • Building a sense of community through events and education
  • Enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and
  • Developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information.

Why does the AIIA exist?

Our PurposeHowWhy
RepresentThe AIIA represents a broad cross section of Australia’s innovation technology companiesRepresentation delivers a much stronger voice of influence on matters that may affect the viability and success of your business
ConnectWe are connected to the most significant private and public sector organisations in the country and through our activities, we build communitiesEvery organisation relies on the success of its ability to identify new customers and partners – our networking programs provide you with unparalleled opportunities to support your business growth
InfluenceOn behalf of our members, we identify, address and advocate for key issues through the development and shaping of policy outcomesWe are recognised as the most influential, independent innovation technology industry association respected for over forty years by government, our industry and its stakeholders
GrowWe serve the industry by supporting the continued growth of it, through policy and action that benefits all of AustraliaWe are recognised as the most influential, independent innovation technology industry association respected for over forty years by government, our industry and its stakeholders
PartnerWe serve the industry by supporting the continued growth of it, through policy and action that benefits all of AustraliaEvery thriving industry needs an Association that supports and represents its members, gives them a strong, united voice, and develops & grows the industry locally & globally

Our Members

AIIA membership is open to all technology organisations in Australia and is governed by the AIIA Constitution. Once an organisation becomes a member, all its employees are entitled to participate in, and benefit from its activities, e.g. AIIA events, programs, Special Interest Groups and activities nationally. Being a member of the AIIA demonstrates that your organisation is standing up as a leader in the Australian technology industry that is actively contributing to the health and vibrancy of the Australian economy. See a summary of Membership Benefits.
We represent the depth and breadth of the technology sector encompassing organisations of all shapes and sizes all around Australia, including

  • Global and multinational corporations
  • National organisations
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Startups, digital incubators, innovation labs
  • Universities, TAFEs and Technology Schools
  • Government agencies

87% of AIIA members are small and medium Australian businesses

In addition, the AIIA membership base encompasses a broad cross section of vertical segments represented across our membership base; including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence/Data and
    Analytics/Machine Learning
  • Communications/Networking
  • Information Services
  • Infrastructure providers – Cloud and Data Centre
  • Professional Services/Strategy & Planning
  • Security/Cyber Security/Fraud
  • Government services
  • Human Resources/Talent Acquisition/ Workforce Planning
  • Organisations from the non-ICT sector

Our national Board and our State Councils represent the diversity of the digital economy across Australia. See our Member Directory for the full list.


AIIA Strategy

AIIA’s strategic plan builds on our 40-year heritage, the very tangible contributions and thought leadership of our 500+ volunteers around the country and the great work of our executive team. AIIA’s reason for being is clear: our sector is best-positioned to fuel Australia’s future social and economic prosperity through technology innovation. This means AIIA and our member companies have both a tremendous opportunity and a great responsibility – directly addressed in a multi-year strategic plan that brings us together as an industry; one that ensures we become ‘stronger as one.’

First, AIIA is consolidating our core business to focus on the two areas our members have said they care about most: advocacy and shaping policy for the ICT sector; and generating new business opportunities, increasing collaborations with other members, and building professional standing.

To that end, AIIA:

  • Engages directly with policy makers and influences outcomes, particularly in the areas of innovation, skills, and government digitisation;
  • Provides members with privileged access to key decision-makers, at both federal and state/territory levels;
  • Creates events and meet-ups to provide members with greater networking and business opportunities; and,
  • Regularly communicates with members regarding activities and outcomes.

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The Board

The Board of Directors oversees all AIIA operations, develops the National Business Plan, and sets the strategic direction of the Association.

State Councils

The State and Territory Councils promote the AlIA’s objectives, programs, policies, interests and objectives within those specific State and Territories.


The Executive provides management and operational support for the activities of the Association nationally.

AIIA History

The AIIA had its origins as the Australian Computer Equipment Suppliers’ Association (ACESA), which was established in 1978.


AIIA manages a number of programs to support and promote the digital industry, including both national and state-based initiatives.

Job vacancies

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is the peak representative body and advocacy group for the ICT industry in Australia.

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