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Event Promotion

The AIIA is pleased to provide support to AIIA member events and specific external events and activities that provide value to the Australian technology industry, providing promotion through our monthly digital magazine CONNECTOR and across the AIIA social media channels, where appropriate (this decision by the AIIAGM Marketing & Communications is final).

The AIIA will provide:

  • A listing of your event in CONNECTOR with a link to the event on your website
  • At the AIIA’s discretion, we may also promote the event on the AIIA social media channels

In addition, as a minimum, AIIA asks that your commitment would be:

  • Offering a viable % discount off the price of a ticket for the AIIA members
  • AIIA logo to appear on the event website with a direct link to the AIIA website Home Page
  • AIIA blurb about the organisation to be included on your website event listing (this information appears in the ‘About Us’ page of the AIIA website
  • AIIA logo to be included in the event listing, brochures, marketing collateral such as eDMs/ email broadcasts distributed in relation to this event with a direct link to the AIIA website

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