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The AIIA Capability Hub (“The Hub”) is the next generation of the AIIA Skills Hub that now creates a community for capability-building – but in a totally new way.


So, what’s different?

The new look hub now allows members to interact as a part of a community for engagement, learning and collaboration. It is an evolution of the Skills Hub to now have a broader focus to support capability building by leveraging your peers and colleagues, industry experts, and leading academics and researchers.
With curated and targeted content from experts and academics, custom education and training, you can participate in a series of communities based on your areas of interest.

The Open Community – for all members of the Hub to engage with the broader industry community. This is open to all industry professionals and does not require AIIA membership.

PAN Communities – to support our AIIA Policy Advisory Networks where you can engage in the variety of state and national PANs. These are exclusively for AIIA member company participants only.

Practice Communities – communities based around ‘practice’ capability domains or themes. These will comprise:
• Digital
• Professional skills
• Workforce development & strategy,
• Procurement capability,
• Project & Program Management

We bring together professionals committed to refining their craft to learn, share best practices and collaborate so that we can support each other, learn from our successes and failures, and achieve our goals together. Importantly, these will allow you to engagement with not only your community peers but with subject matter experts and leading academics and researchers. The Practice Communities will be progressively rolled out to our Professional Members over the coming months.


The Results You’ll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your professional life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of The Hub:

• Enhance your professional skills through collaborating and learning from experts.
• Gain valuable insights from shared experiences, successes, and failures in best practices.
• Build a strong support network of like-minded professionals for personal and career growth.


When You Join

When you join The Hub, you’ll get access to our:

Practice Communities: Participate in communities for capability building with members and experts to share their knowledge, best practices and experiences. These  communities support growth, build a stronger sense of community, and foster continued professional development.

Expert Content & Training: Get access to expert curated content, skills-based short courses & microcredentials specifically designed for professionals and executives from our education partners (both free and heavily subsidised for members). Professional Members will be eligible to access over $2,500 worth of skills-based training from our education partners free each year.

Collaboration Lab: Engage in collaborative projects with other professionals, post your workplace problems for collaboration with researchers, students and industry. This teamwork enhances problem-solving abilities, expands professional networks, and increases opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

Events: Participate in live expert roundtables with globally leading academics and industry executives to share their personal experiences, best practices and ‘lessons learned’. These events offer valuable insights, inspire resilience, and encourage a culture of openness and support within the community.


Queensland Government Digital Skills Grant


AIIA is excited to announce an Agreement with the Queensland Government to deliver some 2,000 places for short course and microcredentials.

Provided as part of the ‘SME and Community Organisations Digital Uplift Program’, the grants are aimed at supporting the building of digital capability across Queensland. With a particular focus on rural, regional, indigenous and diversity groups within small and medium enterprises and community groups, the provision of this grant to support these 2,000 places will significantly aid in building of digital capability across the Queensland economy.

You can access available funded courses by joining the AIIA Capability Hub (free)



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