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AIIA Membership fees

Membership of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) helps your organisation grow business and influence across your target markets. Thank you for considering stepping forward to join our community of digital leaders. We know that we are stronger as one, and our work at the AIIA is driving better social and economic outcomes for Australia through technology-led innovation.

Fees are based on the type of organisation you represent – technology product or services provider, incubator, government entity or educational institution.  Please contact for further information or a direct conversation. Please note that AIIA membership fees are tax deductible (please check with your advisor).

Full Memberships for Technology/Service Providers

Member TierHeadcount of Australian ICT WorkforceMember Fees*

Special Interest Groups (SIG)-Only Memberships

Organisations that would ordinarily qualify for Full Membership but that wish to participate only in one particular Special Interest Group have the option of SIG-Only Membership.

Member TierHeadcountMember Fees*
SIG-Only Membership0 - 100as per Full Membership Fees Table above
SIG-Only Membership101 +$15,000

Incubator Memberships

Innovation is on the top of the national agenda. We encourage technology-led innovation by offering a special membership category for incubators.
For one annual fee, incubators can extend an AIIA membership to all start-ups, ‘incubatees’ or innovators within their community.

Member TierIncubator Member HeadcountMember Fees*
Incubator L10 - 100$2,500
Incubator L2101 +$4,000

Educational Institution Memberships

Our industry is dynamic, change is a constant in ICT, and it relies on our educational institutions to provide a constant stream of job-ready talent. The AIIA offers Education Institutions access to the ICT industry, to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments and to ensure that both students and employers gain value. Our Education Institutions membership is ideal for learning organisations of all sizes.

Member TierStudent HeadcountMember Fees*
Education L10 - 3,000$2,500
Education L23,001 - 5,000$4,000
Education L35,001 - 10,000$8,000
Education L410,001 - 30,000$15,000
Education L530,000 +$25,000

Government Agency Memberships

Government agencies play a vital part in the ICT industry, whether it is from a policy and legislation perspective, as a consumer of ICT goods and services, or as an employer of ICT talent. The AIIA welcomes government agencies to the community of its members as a dedicated Government Agency member.

Member TierGovernment Agency HeadcountMember Fees*
Government L10 - 500$8,000
Government L2501 - 1,000$12,000
Government L31,001 - 10,000$15,000
Government L410,001 - 30,000$25,000
Government L530,000 +$40,000

Associate Memberships for Organisations Outside the ICT Vendor Community

The AIIA Constitution allows for members in addition to the above, including organisations outside the ICT industry or the broader technology sector, such as law firms and large users of ICT, to become members of the AIIA.

Associate Members are ineligible to vote, to stand for election to Councils, SIG Chairmanships, or to the national Board of Directors. Associate Membership fees are available on request, please contact us for details.Please contact for further information or a personal conversation.

*All fees exclude GST

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