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Federal Government PAN

First established in 2015 as the Policy Specialty Interest Group, the Federal Government PAN is an expert advisory group to advise and assist the AIIA in identifying priority policy issues which impact on the broader interests of the Australian ICT sector. The Federal Government PAN ensures that all policy and advocacy activities within the AIIA are reflective of member interests, strategically relevant to the Australian ICT sector and are prioritised appropriately.

The Federal Government PAN regularly engages with relevant federal government departments and members of the Australian Public Service to:

  • define the broader government agenda to positively influence policy outcomes for the Australian ICT industry
  • advise and assist the AIIA in the development of appropriate policy positions to determine its advocacy activities, ensuring any frameworks are representative of the interests of a majority of AIIA members and executed in such a way that the AIIA will be in a position to affirm its stance without being contrary AIIA member interests
  • undertake advocacy activities to support the Australian ICT sector and inform any legislative / regulatory frameworks that may impact on its interests
  • provide a forum for AIIA Members to develop policy frameworks to pursue broader policy and advocacy activities

Core Issues

As part of its activities, the Federal Government PAN has identified the following priority areas to drive and define its activities in 2020:

  • Responding to prospective legislative and regulatory changes due to be implemented under the 46th Parliament
  • Issues relating to data privacy and cloud frameworks
  • Ongoing policy and advocacy activities in response to laws relating to encryption and law enforcement
  • Artificial Intelligence and emerging tech

Federal Government PALT

To support the AIIA’s policy and advocacy activities, each PAN has its own Policy Advisory Leadership Team (PALT). The PALTs are dedicated Executive groups, which have been convened to steer their respective PAN activities, and provide high-level guidance and oversight.

Member Portal

PAN MEMBERS: Log into the AIIA member portal to access the Federal Government PAN group. The new AIIA PAN groups are designed to help you connect with other PAN members, access resources and more.

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