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Judging Criteria

The following criteria guideline will outline qualities of your application that the judging panel will be measuring your innovation against.

1. What is the opportunity that your solution enables and for whom?

TIP: Be sure to define the real world problem your solution is focused on while illustrating your target customer and estimated market size, and the scale of opportunity.

2. How is your solution different?

TIP: Be sure to define your innovation. Highlight what makes your solution unique and different from solutions already addressing your target real world problem.

3. What is the technology that powers your solution?

TIP: Begin by defining and outlining the technology used in your solution. Be sure to elaborate on where and how the technology has been used.

4. How is your solution making (or will make) an impact?

TIP: Define your metrics of success and explain how your innovation will solve a real world problem and have a positive impact. Focus on your team, business model and/or the solution itself.

You will need to select a specific category in which to submit your solution; please choose the most appropriate one. Please note: The AIIA reserves the right to reallocate entries deemed to have been submitted in the wrong category.

You can enter more than one solution into the iAwards, provided that a separate online entry form is submitted for each solution. However, you cannot enter one solution in more than one category.

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