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AIIA Navigating Jobs of the Future South Australian Roadshow event

Thursday, 12 April 2018



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How do we best prepare for a future workforce in which technology is an inevitable and integral part of how most work is done?

Join us at the South Australian Navigating Technology and the Jobs of the Future Summit to participate in the conversations that technology and digital leaders are driving. Our topics and speakers include:

  • Youth of today: Tomorrow’s job seekers and job makers
    Helen Connolly, Commissioner for Children and Young People
  • Navigating technology, the jobs of the future and government service delivery
    Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, Executive Director, ICT & Digital Government, Department of the Premier & Cabinet
  • The work of the future
    Andrew Culley, Managing Partner, Deloitte (Make it Adelaide)
  • Data science: Is it really the sexiest job of the 21st  century?
    Dr Sanjay Mazumdar, Chief Executive Officer, D2D CRC
  • Skilling up, reskilling and digital literacy – the new norm in the jobs of the future
    Joshua Rayner, Director Office of the Training and Skills Commission
  • Panel – Building South Australia’s capability for the jobs of the future: Complacency is not an option
  • Skills for today, jobs for tomorrow – AIIA position paper
    Rob Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, AIIA

Whether you are the optimist that looks to the future of work augmented by automation, robots and artificial intelligence as the panacea for opportunity, or subscribe to the more pessimistic view that automation will disrupt and displace jobs and the people in them, both require essentially the same response: The need to build the human and workforce capabilities and skills required to exist in our modern digital age.

Unlike previous industrial revolutions in which education, training and labour market systems adapted over time to advances in technology, this current ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ commands a more urgent response.

While some jobs and people will be impacted more than others, new opportunities and new jobs will emerge.

As a result, a clear strategy is needed for preparing for this future as well as specific policy responses to issues such as the adjustment and re-employment of workers who are displaced; concerns about digital exclusion; and more broadly an understanding of what skills will be required and how they will be developed.

The AIIA Navigating Jobs of the Future Summit is designed to initiate the conversations that technology and digital leaders are driving.

As such, the AIIA Navigating Jobs of the Future Summit will focus on working with government, industry peers and educators to understand how best to prepare for a future workforce in which technology is an inevitable and integral part of how most work is done today.

Preparing for the jobs of tomorrow means that we need to start building the skills we will need today.

Be part of the conversation about how South Australia is navigating jobs of the future, and help drive this important agenda.


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Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk
Executive Director, ICT and Digital Government
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
South Australia Government

Eva is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the delivery of cyber security, digital strategy, digital government and ICT services across South Australia Government. With her team, Eva drives the implementation of SA Government’s strategic priorities for security and risk assurance, digital strategy and exploration of new technologies to benefit citizens, businesses and public servants.

Prior to this role, Eva was State Director for Microsoft South Australia, as well as the inaugural National Skills Program Lead to create and develop Microsoft Australia’s future-ready workforce initiatives. Eva has a PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship from the University of Adelaide, and is a Director for Novita, St Peter’s Girls’ College and the History Trust of South Australia. She is also founder of HerTechPath, a community of women working in the technology sector in South Australia who deliver briefings to high schools to inspire girls to consider careers in this disruptive, exciting and important sector.

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Dr Este Geraghty
Health Solutions Director, Esri

Este is the Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director at Esri, a global company that builds ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software. Este leads business development for the Health and Human Services sector, focusing on applying The Science of WhereTM to unlock data’s full potential in every health organisation.

Formerly the Deputy Director of the Center for Health Statistics and Informatics with the California Department of Public Health, Este led the state vital records and public health informatics programs. There she engaged in statewide initiatives in meaningful use, health information exchange, open data and interoperability.

While serving as an Associate Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine at the University of California at Davis, she conducted research on geographic approaches to influencing health policy and advancing community development programs.

In addition to her degrees in medicine, medical informatics and public health, Este is also a board certified public health professional (CPH) and a geographic information systems professional (GISP).

Helen Connolly
Commissioner for Children and Young People

Helen Connolly is the inaugural Commissioner for Children and Young People for South Australia.

Helen has held a number of leadership roles in South Australia and nationally over many years. A significant part of this work has included work with and for children and families.

Helen advocates at a systemic level to improve the development and wellbeing of South Australian children and young people, directly engaging with them to seek their views on how to promote and protect their rights and interests, and support their participation in decision making.

Helen approaches her work from a community participation, citizenship and rights based framework.

The children and young people of South Australia wanted a Commissioner who likes, respects, values, understands, listens to and advocates for children and young people.

Helen’s aspiration is to prove to the children and young people of South Australia that she demonstrates this in her work, and in doing so supports individuals, communities and systems to place children and young people front and centre.

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Andrew Culley
Managing Partner, Deloitte South Australia

Andrew Culley is the Managing Partner of Deloitte South Australia and has lived and worked in Adelaide for most of his life. In Adelaide, Andrew oversees two offices, 20 partners and over 200 professional staff providing services aimed at enhancing the economic prosperity of South Australia across both the private and public sectors including Deloitte Private family services, digital strategy & implementation, cyber security and Deloitte Access Economics in addition to the traditional compliance services.

Andrew is also a senior Partner in Deloitte’s Technology practice with 15 years’ experience as a Management Consultant.  His career spans across the manufacturing and industrial sectors and his portfolio of clients has included private businesses through to large corporations and government entities. Andrew specialises in reviewing businesses from both a commercial and operational perspective, and has a proven track record in developing and implementing information solutions that help businesses to compete in demanding and changing marketplaces.  Over the last 3 years he has focused on assisting B2C organisations understand the impact of Customer empowerment on technology strategy and the challenge of responding to the often competing priorities of disruption and regulation.

Andrew has also previously held management responsibilities for supply chain management, sales and marketing, customer service, information technology and financial performance.

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Sanjay Mazumdar
Chief Executive Officer, Data to Decisions CRC 

Sanjay has over 25 years of experience in the defence and ICT sectors in roles covering general management, business development, program management and engineering R&D. Sanjay was previously the CEO of the Defence Systems Innovation Centre and had senior executive roles at BAE Systems and Motorola. In both of these companies he was part of the Senior Leadership Team responsible for leading the Australian business. Sanjay started his career as an engineer at the Defence Science Technology Organisation.

Sanjay is also a Board Director at the Defence Teaming Centre (the defence industry association in South Australia) and is a member of the South Australian Council for the Australian Information Industry Association (the peak body for the ICT industry). Sanjay has engineering, doctoral and management qualifications from the University of Adelaide. He is also a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Chartered Professional Engineer.

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Professor Bassam Dally
Deputy Director, Centre for Energy Technology, University of Adelaide

Over a 26 year period, Bassam has worked on a variety of energy related topics including: Combustion science and engineering, renewable energy, renewable fuels, hybrid energy systems and laser diagnostics. He is a co-inventor of two patents related to energy and has attracted in excess of $20m in research grants along with his colleagues.

Bassam has contributed to many public fora related to energy, and co-authored three major review papers and 270 research papers in energy related topics. He has received many awards over the years, and in 2016 was named “Energy Professional of the Year” by the SA Branch of the Australian Energy Institute.

Joshua Rayner

Director, Office of the Training and Skills Commission

Joshua is responsible for the planning and delivery of the Training and Skills Commission’s strategies, industry engagement and regulatory functions.

Joshua has worked within the South Australian and Commonwealth Public Service for over a decade. His role with the Training and Skills Commission mixes his passions of economic theory with industry and community engagement for the development of policy priorities in vocational education and training that can transform individuals, families, communities and industries.

First appointed to his current role five years ago as the youngest South Australian Public Service Executive, Joshua has overseen the building of the Training and Skills Commission’s stakeholder focus from a small advisory function to a highly valued regulator and contributor to the central planning of the State Government’s near $400 million investment in skills training each year in South Australia.

Educated in economics and obtaining a Master of Business Administration Joshua is a strong and passionate defender of the transformational qualities of education attainment.

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James Inge
Program Manager, BAE Systems Australia

James Inge is the Program Manager of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance at BAE Systems. He is responsible for the delivery of a portfolio of projects and global cyber security cross-domain products for the Defence and the Intelligence communities.

James has recently completed a two-year international post in the BAE Systems Chief Information Office group and has broad experience leading large technology teams across multiple locations.

Prior to joining BAE Systems Australia James worked in IT consulting where he gained experience across a diverse portfolio of business domains ranging from utilities, agriculture, government and telecommunications. He has an honours degree in Business Information Systems from the University of South Australia.

James is a keen lacrosse fan, having played in two world championships representing Australia, and lives with his marathon running embryologist wife and two children in Adelaide, South Australia.

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