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Informed Solutions is an AIIA member and a major national sponsor of the iAwards. They have achieved great things over the past 15 years.

1992 – Informed Solutions launched

  • Informed Solutions is founded in the North West, based on the principles of Innovation, Excellence and Integrity

1997 – Europe’s foremost independent spatial solutions suppliers

  • Informed is recognised by industry press as Europe’s foremost spatial information and systems consultancy

2002 – First integrated policing and transport data hub in London

  • We apply innovative GUS techniques to enable city-wide crime mapping and forecasting, cementing our credentials in sensitive and secure mission-critical environments

2003 – Informed Solutions changed the way people navigate their world – Informed Solutions delivered the first ever commercial location intelligence service platform for mobile devices for a global telecoms provider.

2007 – Informed Solutions launched emergency services incident recording system – Informed Solutions delivered and operate a 24/7 platform for UK Government to underpin the capture, sharing and analysis of fire incident information for emergency calls nationally

2011 – Informed Solutions digitised National Infrastructure Planning – Informed Solutions adopted the very first national GPS shared government platform for planning.

2014 –Informed Solutions Launches of Bilateral Global Secondment Scheme – Informed Solutions launched a bilateral secondment scheme allowing team members to transfer between UK and Australian offices. This has facilitated a global two-way flow of skills between the UK and Australian.

2016 – Informed Solutions digitises the UKs Global Document Legislation Service – Informed Solutions transformed the way that UK citizens get official documents such as passports legalised.

2017 – Informed Solutions is a Triple winner at New South Wales iAwards – Informed Solutions ground breaking work on a ‘while of government’ environmental data interchange and analysis portal is recognised with 3 prestigious iAwards

2018 – Informed Solutions the only UK & Australian winners at the World IT Congress – Informed Solutions were the only UK and Australian company to win a best innovator award at the Global IT Excellence Awards, as part of the world IT Congress in Hyderabad, India.

2018 – Informed Solutions wins Queens Award for Innovation – Informed Solutions were awarded with the Queen’s Award for Innovation for their work in accelerating the digital by default agenda, moving complex services online.

To find out more or to get in touch with Informed Solutions please visit them at www.informed.com.