The AIIA is renowned for its event program and the value it delivers for its members through the opportunities that are derived from it. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we are unable to host our events in person, however through the use of our technology options, it creates an opportunity to make our briefings available to a larger audience across the entire program. With adversity comes opportunity.
The AIIA will host our Online Briefing Series which on the whole, will be every Monday and Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm. The topics are many and varied and deal with content that is very relevant today. Our intention is to provide you with access to information, experiences and resources to create opportunity for you.

Our online platform will enable participants to engage with our speakers and with each other in an online environment that will make the experience a rewarding one.

We encourage you therefore to take advantage of the many topics available in this catalogue. Every event has a click through capability for you to purchase tickets.

The Online Briefing Series represents a significant revenue stream for the AIIA that enables us to maintain the high level of impactful work and provide great value for our AIIA members.

The Series includes two one-hour events per week broadcast on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 4:00pm to an audience of between 50 to 100 persons per individual event.

View the AIIA Online Briefing Series Events Program here. If you have any further questions regarding the AIIA Online Briefing Series please contact us at

Contact: AIIA

Phone: 1300 665 145