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Education & Training

The tech sector, including workers in tech-based occupations in other sectors, is the 9th largest employer in Australia.

With 723,334 Australians employed in the technology innovation sector, the Australian tech sector accounts for 5.7% of the workforce, experiencing an average growth trend of 2.5% since 2011, outpacing overall labour market of 1.7%.

By 2024, 90 per cent of Australians will need to use some level of digital skills at work.

To assist with the challenges of skilling the nation post-Covid and matching the right skills in an every-changing industry, the AIIA has identified the following priority areas in 2021, with support from the AIIA Digital Skills

Policy Advisory Network :

  • Continuing to address the significant and escalating digital skills shortages in Australia
  • Support efforts to improve employability of ICT graduates and new ICT professionals
  • Support tri-partnership projects (industry, government and tertiary) addressing targeted ICT/digital skill shortage areas
  • Provision of micro credential courseware to industry at discounted prices for AIIA members such as the 2020 Qld Government QUT/AIIA grant for micro credential courses
  • Provision of discounted courses for AIIA members via the AIIA Skills Hub platform (hosted by SkillsLogiQ)
  • With key stakeholders, continue its work in developing the national Higher Apprenticeship Training scheme and related ICT skills development initiatives
  • Provision of free online courses/webinars via the Business Victoria website “Upskill my Business

AIIA Skills Hub – Building Australia’s Digital Workforce

Workers today face the challenge of growing career volatility as their jobs are increasingly impacted on by emerging new technologies and automation. At the same time, employer organisations struggle with the question of how best to address their changing capability needs and having a ‘future fit’ workforce. Not only must organisations support talent development within their workforce, but do so in a way that enables measurable performance improvement.

The AIIA Skills Hub provides a ‘place to go’ for building new skills and developing new workforce capability in totally new ways.

For more information visit AIIA Skills Hub

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