Corporate Social Responsibility PAN

The Corporate Social Responsibility PAN is an active group of AIIA members focusing on policy and activities relating to sustainability.
Formerly the Environment Special Interest Group, the Corporate Social Responsibility PAN actively engages with State and Federal Governments and key stakeholder organisations to ensure that member interests are represented and reflected within broader policy and regulatory framework.

Within the AIIA, the Corporate Social Responsibility PAN functions as an expert advisory body to:

  • respond to economic, social and environmental issues within the Australian ICT industry
  • undertake advocacy activities on topics such as waste management and recycling, product stewardship, energy efficiency, modern slavery and environmental sustainability, including climate change
  • engage with other industry bodies to promote harmonisation of policy, legislation and standards across the Australian ICT industry
  • provide a forum for AIIA members to focus on environmental and sustainability issues, with opportunities for knowledge sharing within the wider membership

Corporate Social Responsibility PALT

To support the AIIA’s policy and advocacy activities, each PAN has its own Policy Advisory Leadership Team (PALT). The PALTs are dedicated Executive groups, which have been convened to steer their respective PAN activities, and provide high-level guidance and oversight.

Member Portal

PAN MEMBERS: Log into the AIIA member portal to access the Corporate Social Responsibility PAN group. The new AIIA PAN groups are designed to help you connect with other PAN members, access resources and more.

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