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Home Events The Use of Predictive Analytics in Regulation: An Explosive Mix?

The Use of Predictive Analytics in Regulation: An Explosive Mix?

Wednesday, 24 October 2018
}8:30am – 5:00pm



Carnegie Mellon University’s 2-day workshop explores this new minefield. The workshop is designed for regulators and policy makers wanting to understand big data and what it means for the delivery of public services.

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Data analytics is already making important contributions in areas such as suicide prevention and road safety, but its testing ground is still in regulation.

The US, Scotland and New Zealand have experienced controversy over its use – particularly in child protection policies. Similarly, the application of predictive analytics in the criminal justice system – namely parole and sentencing decisions – is proving contentious.

A host of issues are emerging including machine bias, exaggerated predictive accuracy, ethics and the infiltration of programmers’ values into algorithm design.

Key issues to be addressed:

* the potential of predictive analytics for regulators;
* building trust and legitimacy in the new environment;
* explainability as a substitute for transparency;
* involving citizens in the opaque world of big data and predictive analytics; and
* emerging regulatory frameworks for the use of predictive analytics in the public sector.

The workshop brings together senior practitioners and academics with practical experience at multi-lateral agencies.

The 2-day workshop in Adelaide uses the CMU Information Technology faculty to give participants hands-on experience in data mining and predictive analytics using software and a provided data set.

No prior skills are required, and all participants will be supported by CMU’s technical staff. Numbers limited strictly to 35. Enrol now.

Date and Time: Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th October 2018, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Carnegie Mellon University, 220 Victoria Square Torrens Bldg, Adelaide 5000
Cost: $1,200 + GST per person

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