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The Seven Steps to Capital Raising

Wednesday, 15 April 2020
}04:00 PM – 05:00 PM

LEAH LAFFERTY | l.lafferty@aiia.com.au

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In 60 minutes, Steve will provide founders with unique insights on the capital raising process and best practice when working with investors.


You will discover:


  • How the Coronavirus will impact your capital raising
  • The 7 steps to a successful capital raise
  • How to increase your potential investor to investor conversion ratio
  • The psychological aspects to the capital raising process, investors and post-capital raise aspects
  • How to launch your capital raise with investors already interested
  • The “rolling close” – what it is and why it may be your ideal capital raising strategy
  • International markets and your opportunity for capital
  • How you can use software to save time, save money and raise capital more efficiently
  • A simple technique to save you hours of answering the same questions
  • Where to discover and how to attract potential investors to your capital raising
  • How long it really takes to raise money
  • The 4 common mistakes founders make and how to avoid them


Steve Torso


Over the last 11 years, Steve has watched the innovation space transform from a handful of operators, to now where it feels that at every turn there is a new incubator, co-working space, VC, fund or accelerator launching.

Steve has watched his clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars in that time. He has seen the success stories and the mistakes made. HIs goal is for you to learn from that experience.

The majority of capital still comes from HNW investors, family offices, VC and PE firms. CRIISP’s goal in providing this session is to assist you in putting your best foot forward in getting access to this capital. It gives your innovative ideas the right foundations to scale.

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