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Home Events The business case for neurodiversity, a CIO and leadership perspective

The business case for neurodiversity, a CIO and leadership perspective

Wednesday, 19 July 2023
}12.00 pm – 1:00 pm (AEST)
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In this session participants will hear from business leaders about the challenges, benefits and firsthand experience of leaders that have implemented a neurodiversity strategy in their business.

These unique perspectives will also explore case study examples of work undertaken to gain insights into how to collaborate to deliver the best outcomes with neurodiverse teams. Guests from some of Australia’s most recognised brands will discuss how the auticon 360-degree support helped them on their journey to building a neurodiverse business capability. A capability that has introduced their business to additional opportunity and a broader prospective of the employment market.



 Bodo Mann


auticon Pty Ltd

Bodo has held senior leadership roles, and worked with Boards, CEOs and Senior Executives from global blue-chip organisations across Australasia and Europe.  He is passionate about building innovative social impact businesses, which are purpose driven and shine through neurodiversity. Bodo is excited and proud to be part of the global auticon family, whose primary purpose is to employ talented consultants on the autism spectrum, while providing value adding technology consulting services and cognitive strengths to blue chip clients.

Jo-zanne Owen

Director of Product and Customer Experience

University of Melbourne

Jo-zanne Owen, Director of Product and Customer Experience at the University of Melbourne, is an accomplished marketing professional with a unique drive for diversity and inclusion. Growing up in a previously disadvantaged community, she deeply understands the importance of inclusivity, which was reflected in her leadership at Massey University to increase the representation of Māori and Pasifika students. At Melbourne University, she leverages her rich cultural background and 15+ years of experience in education, coupled with her academic qualifications – a Bachelor of Communication and Master of Management, to create innovative products and services for a diverse post-experience community. Jo-zanne’s commitment to diversity stems from her personal journey and informs her professional ethos, fuelling her drive to foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Chris Morgan OLY

Software Engineering Business Leader

Chris is a bronze medallist and three-time Olympian in the sport of rowing and over the last 20 years he has led software engineering teams in some of the world’s largest tech companies. Chris is also autistic and believes that autism has been one of the fundamental elements to making him successful.

Through his experience in elite sport and business leadership in companies like Atlassian, ResMed and BAE Systems, Chris understands the challenges that many autistic people face in large organisations. He also understands the unique and valuable opportunities open to Australian businesses provided they embrace neurodiversity, particularly in their quest to create more innovative software solutions.


Karen Hansen

General Manager of Analytics and Research Solutions


Karen’s career journey began in academia, where she spent five years as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University specialising in emotion research. In 2011, she joined Forethought (a Marketing Advisory, Strategy and Analytics Consultancy) as a Marketing Science Analyst, and her dedication and expertise propelled her through the ranks to Senior Analyst, Principal Analyst, Head of Marketing Science and ultimately, the General Manager of Analytics and Research Solutions.

With a PhD in Psychology and an executive education certificate in leadership decision making from Harvard University, Karen combines her expertise in psychology and leadership to foster a culture of innovation, to inspire effective leadership, and to build high-performing teams within her organisation. She is particularly passionate about the importance of diversity in the workplace and the positive outcomes that diversity has on creativity, problem solving and workplace culture.



Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

Social Impact Director

auticon Pty Ltd

Ivonne has a passion for bringing diversity into businesses and helping them harnessing the benefits. Having worked across different industries Ivonne has a good understanding of why diversity is so important in any business and how it can create competitive advantage over others.

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