Rupert Taylor-Price founded Vault in 2012, driven by his strong desire to improve citizen’s lives through government. Australian-owned and operated Vault is dedicated to providing cloud services to the Australian Government and its partners with an emphasis on security.

In March 2017, Vault became one of the first two cloud service providers to be granted the Protected level of certification from the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), allowing Vault to store highly classified government information. Vault has created one of the world’s most secure clouds, with many large Government agencies already procuring Vault’s services, including the Digital Transformation Agency, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Employment, the Department of Health, the Department of Social Services and the Department of Defence.

Rupert’s has a long history of handling sensitive data, stemming from his eight years as Chief Executive Officer at JN Solutions. At JN Solutions, Rupert developed a world-leading Software-as-a-Service Information Management Platform for the Australian Government which provided extensive services to the community services sector. JN Solutions’ products were focused on meeting high-security requirements because the data it held was sensitive personal information, including citizen’s social security and health records. Under Rupert, the organisation grew to be the market leader in multiple industries, delivering over $1bn AUD in payments to customers while maintaining a strong track record in claim compliance and generating operational efficiencies.

As a result of his extensive experience in the industry, Rupert is recognised as an expert in government cloud services and cybersecurity. He is a highly sought-after speaker at technology conferences and is often called upon to provide advice to major government departments on the adoption of cloud by Government and cloud strategy.

Rupert’s educational achievements include a Bachelor of Physics Hons from the University of Southampton.