Nicole has a wealth of corporate experience across several industries and disciplines. As a thought-leader, she is passionate about policy and reform, having spent most of her corporate career working closely with federal and state governments to drive change.

She began her career as a research scientist in molecular biology and scientific research (HIV gene therapy and cancer research) before transitioning to print and television journalism (health and medicine).

Over the past twenty years she has held senior executive roles in Health, ICT and government industries across several disciplines, including policy, sales, marketing, large projects, government relations, chief-of-staff and strategy roles for both Australian organisations and large multi-nationals. She has had excellent bi-partisan working relationships with Federal and state governments.

These roles have included customer advocacy, something Nicole has always been passionate about. Nicole works collaboratively within an organisation to bring customer requirements to drive change, develop new concepts, consider new markets or approaches. She is focused on turning ideas into implemented outcomes.

She has experience with large complex projects and programs for government, social services and healthcare, including policy development and establishment and remediation of existing products and services to drive positive outcomes. She has driven company-wide leadership teams, built large transformational programs of work. This work has extended to start-up programs in her capacity of non-executive director and committee chair.

With a passion for diversity and inclusion, she actively provides mentoring, particularly to young women or disadvantaged individuals. As a recent breast cancer survivor, she is an advocate for women’s health. Nicole often speaks at large internal and external events and has been a media spokesperson recently on topics including women’s health, gender equality and domestic and family violence. She was a proud 2020 Ambassador for the Hands Across Canberra’s Canberra Day Appeal, and an active philanthropist in the Canberra community.