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Thinking of nominating for the AIIA National Board of Directors?

With 18 years of personal involvement with the AIIA and after having served on the AIIA board for 3 years myself, here is my advice on how to improve your chances of being elected:

  1. Make your nomination about:
    – The principles and goals you stand for

    – Why you think members should vote for you

    – What a vote for you would mean to the AIIA and its members

    – Substantiate the above with examples and/or testimonials supporting your stance and capabilities

  2. Shake hands and make yourself available
    – Let your peers in AIIA member organisations know that you are nominating for the Board

    – Ask the vote holders to vote for you

    – Invite them to contact you with any questions they have

    – Be as accessible as a politician during election time

  3. Take it seriously
    The AIIA National Board represents the pinnacle of the ICT and technology industry in Australia. If elected, you will be in the spotlight, and the people who voted for you will expect you to keep the promises that you made. Take the election and your directorship seriously, the people who voted for you deserve it.

Nominate today!

Peter Strohkorb

AIIA Membership Relations