The government introduced the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) bill earlier this year, but at the last minute removed a large extension to the safe harbour provision.

Subsequent consultations have taken place since, and, it’s now been revealed that safe harbour will be extended to educational institutions and libraries but platforms will be excluded.

If you run an online platform, safe harbour would have given you legal protections for hosting copyright infringing content if you remove it quickly after being notified.

This is a very disappointing blow for Australia. These changes are needed to bring Australia into line with many of our major trading partners, including the US, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. Currently online service providers in these countries, enjoy a competitive advantage over their Australian peers even when they are delivering services to Australians.

In forums discussing export development, the interest of AIIA members is not export opportunities but opportunities to re-locate their business offshore due largely to perceived more favourable treatment of innovative start-up businesses overseas.

AIIA joins the call with leading schools, universities, libraries and startups to take a strong stance on extending safe harbour to local technology companies so they can keep pace with the competition. Read more about it and write to your local MP here: