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AIIA joins Super Alliance to sound alarm at Government’s spyware legislation

The Alliance for a Safe and Secure Internet has been formed as the Federal Government has been reluctant to listen to cyber security specialists, technology experts and leaders from civil society organisations. It represents a unique concert of voices – ranging from consumer representatives, human rights groups to industry, telcos and technology companies –who sometimes disagree on policy questions, but have come together for the first time as a unified voice around a call for the so-called “Encryption Bill” to be rejected in its present form.

Read the full press release here.

AIIA members meets with Kim Carr and Adam Bandt over the R&D Tax Incentive

The R&D tax incentive is a long on-going concern for the AIIA. The latest meetings with the Opposition and Greens party is part of our ongoing advocacy work on this very important issue.

For more information and be involved please contact Kishwar.

Have your say – Revised Electricity Safety (Equipment) Regulations

The EESS Act will introduce the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) into Victoria which is the system of electrical equipment safety regulation that is currently in operation in Queensland.

In preparation for the commencement of the EESS in Victoria, Energy Safe Victoria has reviewed the Electricity Safety (Equipment) Regulations 2009 (which are due to expire on 21 April 2019) and has developed a revised set of regulations that will both replace the current regulations and facilitate the implementation of the EESS Act.

A discussion paper and draft of the proposed regulations and are available for download here. Submissions should be provided no later than 26 Oct to consultation@energysafe.vic.gov.au.

Please contact Kishwar if you would like to contribute to an AIIA submission.

Trusted Digital Identity Framework – second part now released

The Trusted Digital Identity Framework sets out the rules and standards that will build a nationally consistent approach to digital identity in Australia.

It’s being delivered in a number of parts. The first part was published in February 2018.

This week the DTA released the second part of the framework that includes:

  • 6 new documents that detail technical information and the rules and standards for creating a digital identity offline
  • updates to 5 existing documents
  • a summary of the feedback received during consultation

For further details see https://beta.dta.gov.au/news/trust-framework-milestone.