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Meeting with Michael Keenan MP

The AIIA recently met with Minister Keenan at Parliament to discuss industry engagement and establish a relationship with his office. Minister Keenan has portfolio responsibility across Human Services in addition to the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation.

The meeting focused heavily on outcomes and delivery, particularly looking at what the Government is able to deliver from now, up to the election cycle. Specific emphasis on digital ID, data analytics and privacy.

Members, if you would like further information on this meeting you can reach out to Kim Hicks who will be able to provide further details.

Defence Industry Participation Plan (DIPP)

The AIIA have been approached by the Department of Defence’s, Defence Industry Branch on aiding the Department in its formation of a Defence Industry Participation Policy (DIPP).

Members of the Policy, Security and Digital Identity SIGs have been engaged to provide input on the following guidance document provided by Defence. The AIIA is collecting feedback from members and will collate this into a submission for the Department.

Members, if you would like to provide comment and are not on the initial distribution, please contact Damien Lewis by COB Tuesday March 6.

MEPS Labelling Submission

The AIIA recently made a submission to the Department of Environment on their draft document Approach to implementing MEPS and Labelling. You can read the AIIA response here.
The paper released for comment by the Department concerns Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Labelling requirements associated with consumer electronics. This review was lead by the Department of Environment along with the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program, a cross-jurisdictional program with Australian state and territories and the New Zealand Government to deliver a single, integrated program on energy efficiency standards and energy labelling for equipment and appliances.

As part of the process, the AIIA engaged the Environment SIG for comment and review on this submission. If you would like further information on this submission you can contact Damien Lewis.

ATO Community of Practice

The AIIA presented its thought leadership paper on Skills for today. Jobs for tomorrow to an audience of over 50 policy APS staff at last week’s community of practice forum.

The forum aims to produce whole of government policy development on key issues affecting Australia. We are working with the ATO to continue on-going engagement.

Members, if you would like further information on the process you can reach out to Kim Hicks