AIIA Call to Action on Changes to the R&D Tax Incentive

The Australian government is proposing significant changes to an already problematic research and development (R&D) environment – negatively impacting Australia’s propensity to innovate and critically impacting our technology sector.

This is a critical issue that needs to be challenged. AIIA needs your financial support to ensure we can resource authoritative quantitative analyses; engage issue specialists to shape messaging and dedicate resources to work across government and opposition to shape sensible policy reform.

Please contact Rob Fitzpatrick or
Kim Hicks>
directly to provide your support. Building on a culture of slow decision-making and negative sentiment, especially regarding software R&D, new proposals:

  • Encourage innovators to flee to more accommodating countries – e.g., New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong. Technology, especially software design, is easy to develop wherever you can access skills;
  • Compound issues that particularly impact the technology sector – skills shortage, 457 visa constraints, uncertainty around the future of work – and risks undermining good work by private and public sectors at a State level in developing start up hubs, incubators and innovation ecosystems. From discussions with members, we perceive this to be a ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’ and drives businesses offshore; and
  • Impact all businesses currently engaging in or considering R&D, whether they are startups, scale ups, SMEs or large businesses. Calculations behind the claimed $2.4Bn ‘saving’ are fundamentally flawed, as is the mindset that R&D investment is a ‘cost to be managed’ rather than ‘an investment in Australia’s future, to be nurtured’.

The AIIA has a unique opportunity to speak with and for Australia’s technology sector. We need your support to do so. Members, if you would like to discuss any of the recent changes the Government have announced in relation to this you can reach out Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis.

The Department of Communications have released a Copyright Modernisation Consultation Paper – AIIA seeking feedback

The Department of Communications are seeking stakeholder feedback on the Copyright Act. The government signalled in 2017 that it would consult on options for copyright reforms arising from the government’s response to a 2016 Productivity Commission report. This is your chance to express your preferred options and the reasons for your position. Read the Department discussion paper here.

Members, if you would like to provide feedback, please do so by COB 31st of May to Damien Lewis. The AIIA will be collating your feedback into a response for the Department.

The AIIA met with the Department of Environment and Energy to discuss the current review of the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Performance Standards (GEMS) Act

The AIIA met with the Department of Environment to discuss the latest review of the GEMS Act. The AIIA canvassed the Environment SIG on the review and support seven priority areas of focus, ranging from: deficiencies through the Act relating to time limits for the review, enforcement and compliance of the Act, deviations from a consensus-based approach of standards development to lack of flexibility within the program, amongst other items. The Department will be consolidating their feedback from industry and from this roundtable meeting with the view to holding additional consultations.

Members, the review process is yet to be completed, if you would like to discuss any specific areas of concern of the GEMS Act, please contact Damien Lewis. Additionally, the scope of the review can be found here.

Meeting Reminder: Second Cyber Security Industry Roundtable with Gai Brodmann to discuss the Opposition’s Cyber Security Policy – June 14, Parliament House

Members, as you’re aware the AIIA convened a roundtable discussion with Gai Brodtmann in February, following from this meeting AIIA have secured a second meeting for June 14 at Parliament House. The second meeting will cover the following items:

  • Narrative – development of a relevant and resonating cyber narrative
  • Architecture – departmental / agency framework on effective management of ICT security
  • Measurement: practical measurements and KPIs to map performance against
  • Accountability: oversight, who is accountable and for what?
  • Information Sharing: increase information sharing between government and industry.

Members, if you are not involved and would like to come to this meeting. Please contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis from the Policy team and we will add you to the distribution list.

AIIA to attend meeting with Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs – Alan Tudge on Global Talent Scheme Pilot

The AIIA will meet with Minister Alan Tudge in Melbourne on June 4 to discuss the Global Talent Scheme (GTS) Pilot. This meeting is the first for the AIIA since selection to join the Department’s Industry Advisory Group (IAG), the IAG brings together industry organisations, and the private sector to aid in the development of the GTS Pilot program which will launch on July 1 and run for a 1-year period. AIIA are assisting the Department in an advisory capacity as it develops this Pilot scheme.

Members, if you would like further details of the program or the AIIA’s involvement with the Department on this process, please contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis.

The AIIA Policy SIG Meeting for May 2018

The AIIA held its monthly Policy SIG Meeting with members. This monthly meeting discusses key policy priorities of Government and work currently undertaken by the AIIA’s Policy team. The meeting discussed the following key areas:

  1. Roundtable
  2. AIIA Update
  3. Policy Planning Day in June
  4. General Discussion other Policy SIG matters
  5. Any other news

Members, if you are interested in the work undertaken by the Policy team and would like to track what the Government are undertaking across the policy space, please join our Policy SIG. Contact Damien Lewis for details.