AIIA co-signs global-association letter on EU Data Flows in Trade Agreements

The AIIA jointly co-signed with ITI a multi-association letter regarding EU Data Flows in Trade Agreements. The EU’s model language for data flows in trade agreements recently became public. In response the AIIA alongside ITI canvassed member support in raising concerns related language within the Trade Agreements. ITI have also sought signatures from associations within the EU and within major EU trading partners. The letter will be sent to the EU Commission this week.

Members, if you would like further information on this you can reach out to Damien Lewis or Kim Hicks.

AIIA to hold first Quarterly F2F SIG meetings for 2018 on Digital Identity, Digital Skills and Security

The AIIA have moved to a quarterly face-to-face format for the Digital Identity SIG, Digital Skills SIG and Security SIG. The first quarter SIGs are being held as follows:

  • Security SIG – Monday, March 26 from 11am to 1pm – Hosted by Cogito in Canberra
  • Digital Skills SIG – Wednesday, March 28 from 2:30pm to 4:30pm – Hosted by PwC in Sydney
  • Digital Identity SIG – Thursday, March 29 from 1pm to 3pm – Hosted by PwC in Canberra

Members, if you are interested in these SIGs and are not yet a part of them, you can subscribe and become a member through the AIIA member portal on our website. Please contact Damien Lewis for further information about SIG groups.

AIIA provides Aussie experience to EU counterparts on energy labelling and policy framework

The AIIA’s EU counterparts have reached out to discuss energy labelling in Australia which will be used to inform European policy thinking and legislative changes currently under consideration.

Members, if you would like to provide feedback on this issue contact Kim Hicks.

AIIA co-signs global association letter providing industry recommendations on the transportation of hazardous waste

The letter is available here.

The Basel Convention on hazardous waste sets out the international rules for movement of hazardous waste. AIIA is working closely with the Australian government and our global peer associations to ensure that the rules are fit for purpose. For more information contact Kim Hicks.

The AIIA are working with the banking sector re concerns with the R&D tax incentive

The AIIA are in discussions with the banking sector on changes to the R&D tax incentive particularly around software claims – an area of mutual concern. We aim to work closely going forward and leverage opportunities to amplify key issues important to both sectors.

Members, if you would like further information on this guidance you can contact Kim Hicks.

AIIA is working with the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman on encouraging SME digitalisation and the NBN

The AIIA is part of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Working Group on digitalisation and the NBN. This working group has been established to help SME with digitalisation and better leverage the NBN. The group is developing factsheets to provide hints and tips as well as case studies. The group will also inform submissions to potential future inquiries and advocate for better consideration of small business in the economy.

Members, if you would like further information on this please reach out to Kim Hicks.