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Cyber Security Roundtable

The AIIA convened a Cyber Security Roundtable at Parliament with Gai Brodtmann, Shadow Minister for Cyber Security and Defence Personnel on Tuesday February 20 to discuss the Oppositions drafting of their Cyber Security Policy. The meeting was a great success with a lot of valuable member contributions which will form the basis for a second meeting on the draft Policy.

The AIIA is working with Gai’s office to schedule a follow up meeting to continue this discussion. That meeting will take place 2-3 weeks from now (roughly mid-March). The following items will act as the focus areas for the second meeting:

  • Narrative – development of a relevant and resonating cyber narrative
  • Architecture – departmental / agency framework on effective management of ICT security
  • Measurement: practical measurements and KPIs to map performance against
  • Accountability: oversight, who is accountable and for what?
  • Information Sharing: increase information sharing between government and industry.

Members, we had excellent representation for this first meeting and we greatly appreciate those that made time to attend. If you would like to be included in follow-up meetings on this issue, please contact Kim Hicks or DDamien Lewis from the Policy team and we will add you to the distribution list.

Environment SIG

The AIIA held its first Environment SIG (ESIG) meeting for 2018 on Wednesday February 21 at Canon in Sydney. The groups agenda focused a range of industry related environmental matters including:

  • the Basel Convention (controlling transboundary movements of hazardous waste and their disposal) and a recent workshop held in Beijing
  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Labelling Program – the AIIA are drafting a response for the Department of Environment on their Technical Working Group Terms of Reference document
  • E-Waste Standards Update
  • National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme Update
  • Battery Industry Working Group update

Members, the ESIG is an important forum for the AIIA and members. The SIG tracks changes within the ICT sector relating to environmental impact, sustainability policy; to legislative changes and standards, this groups value will continue, as Australia further develops policies around environmental protection, recycling schemes and reusability of goods. If you would like to be a part of the ESIG please contact Damien Lewis.

Modern Slavery and the IT Sector Workshop

The ESIG and the NSW Department of Environment co-hosted a workshop on Modern Slavery and the ICT Sector Workshop. The workshop guided the group through the current landscape of modern slavery within the supply chain, discussed international law, current cases, the effects the reporting once the Modern Slavery Act comes into force later this year and how the ICT sector can best prepare to ensure transparency.

Members, if you’re interested in future involvement in this issue as we approach the Act being signed into law you can join the ESIG or speak to Damien Lewis in the Policy team.

Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

The Notifiable Data Breaches (NBD) scheme has now commenced. Australian Government agencies and organisations required to secure personal information under the Privacy Act 1988 have mandatory data breach notification and assessment obligations under the NBD. The AIIA released a response to the scheme, which you can read it here. Our response is published on our website under Publications.

If you would like further information outside our submission on the Scheme you can contact Kim Hicks.

Defence Industry Participation Policy

The Department of Defence are conducting a Defence Industry Participation Policy. The Intent of the Policy is to look across Defence procurement above $4 million to consider tailored approaches to maximising Australian industry involvement with the priority of delivering “best capability” for Defence and “value for money”.

Members, a discussion paper is attached here which you can use to provide feedback on the proposed approach and considerations. The Department has advised they are happy to conduct in person discussions on this issue.

Members, please reach out to Damien Lewis or Kim Hicks if you are interested in a stakeholder meeting with Defence to discuss this issue – please revert by Monday March 5th.