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R&D Tax Incentive – call to action – have you successfully claimed? Let us know!

The government is likely to announce reforms to the R&D tax incentive in the upcoming federal budget. In a speech to the AFR on 4 April the Minister is focused on addressing alleged abuse of the system and additionality.

In our response to government we not only want to draw on hard facts about the benefits of the scheme to the economy but also the human success story. If you have a success story that you would like us to quote in media and other communications please get in touch with Kim Hicks ASAP.

Outcomes from AIIA/DTA roundtable on the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF)

The DTA have advised they were very happy with the feedback provided by members and appreciate members commitment to helping hone the documentation that makes up the framework.

The AIIA have collated comments from members on the 13 documents released for review and will submit this back to the DTA for inclusion in their current revisions of the framework.

Members, if you are not involved in these meetings and would like to be contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis.

AIIA to join advisory group with Department of Home Affairs on the newly announced Global Talent Pilot Scheme, providing an industry voice and guidance on specialised skills required within the ICT sector

In March the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs – Alan Trudge MP, announced a new visa scheme to attract highly skilled individuals to Australia called the Global Talent Pilot Scheme. The arrangement has two streams. First, established businesses with an annual turnover of more than $4 million will be able to sponsor highly skilled and experienced individuals for positions with earnings over $180,000 into Australia. Second, technology-based and STEM-related start-ups will be able to sponsor experienced people with specialised technology skills. In both streams the employer will need to demonstrate that there will be skills transfer to Australian’s as a result of granting the visa.

To support the scheme, an advisory group will be established with representatives from key industry bodies, including startup and university sectors. The AIIA have been invited to participate in this advisory group as representatives for the technology sector. The advisory group will provide advice and expertise from an industry perspective on the development of the scheme. With initial proof-of-concept exercises with a small number of organisations to commence soon, the 12-month pilot scheme will commence from 1 July 2018.

The letter from Alan Tudge MP inviting the AIIA to participate in this advisory group can be read on our website here. The AIIA Policy team have been working with Home Affairs on consultations around the new Temporary Skills Shortage Visa class which ties into this pilot scheme. Members, if you would like further information, please reach out to Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis.

AIIA held its second Environment SIG meeting in Sydney at IBM on Tuesday April 17

The groups agenda focused a wider range of industry related environmental matters including:

  1. AIIA update
  2. Actions overview
  3. XShip Program
  4. Basel Expert Working Group
  5. Packaging Covenant
  6. Product Stewardship / NCTRS Update
  7. Modern Slavery – Sustainability Advantage ‘Risk Assessment’
  8. AIIA Nomination for Battery Stewardship Council

Members, the ESIG is an important forum for the AIIA and members. The SIG tracks changes within the ICT sector relating to environmental impact, sustainability policy; to legislative changes and standards, this groups value will continue. As Australia continues its movement towards a sustainable future, policies around environmental protection, overarching policies and regulations will continue to gain traction within the market. If you would like to be a part of the ESIG please contact Damien Lewis.

AIIA held its third Policy SIG meeting on Wednesday April 18

The groups agenda focused on key policy priorities for the AIIA, they include:

  1. AIIA Policy Update
  2. Xship program
  3. Planning for Canberra Policy Day in June
  4. Planning for 2019 Summit
  5. Planning for Global Technology Dialogue

The meeting focused on a range of initiatives that are currently underway within the AIIA Policy space, including the recently published Growing the Pie – Edition 2 paper which captures key policy wins over the previous quarter. In addition, the AIIA recently held its 2018 Summit and are looking to capitalise on the momentum and build a stellar program for 2019! Please contact Kim Hicks to discuss forward planning for this series or any input you may have on areas of focus and priority.

Members, AIIA are currently in early planning stages for a Policy Day in June. AIIA held a similar Policy Day in 2016 to great success with members meeting key government and opposition leaders to discuss policy priorities and industry objectives. If you would like to be involved in this event, please contact Damien Lewis.