The AIIA held its 2018 Victorian and ACT iAwards events last week

The AIIA held its annual Victorian and ACT iAwards events last week. 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of the iAwards for the AIIA. The inaugural Digital CBR iAward was presented to Penten for their AltoCrypt Stik. The solution for Defence and Government provides secure wireless access to highly classified networks, allowing the workforce to be more mobile and create modern work spaces. OK RDY took out the ACT Startup of the Year category for their Mentorship Matching Program which connects students to professionals and companies; using data and scalable technology to enhance employability, diversity and cultural outcomes. For a complete list of ACT winners and merit recipients please see the iAwards website here.

In Victoria, Deakin University took out the Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Innovation of the Year with Deakin Genie a transformational agent for student service, learning support and success. An artificial intelligence-enabled, personalised digital assistant for students, Genie proactively engages and guides students through study and life at Deakin University and beyond. For a complete list of winners and merit recipients for Victoria, please see the iAwards website here.

AIIA members participated in an ICT Procurement Workshop with the DTA to improve fairness within procurement across Government

AIIA members met with the DTA for a workshop focused on fairness within procurement and how the DTA might change the model of current procurement practices. The workshop is part of a ‘sprint’ program of work the Agency is currently undertaking and will result in a prototype being developed based on industry feedback and comment.

The DTA have advised they will possibly hold a ‘virtual’ workshop that supplements the work undertaken this week. Members if you are interested in the workshop or would like to be included in any future consultations with the DTA on the subject of procurement, please contact Damien Lewis.

The AIIA will meet with the Department of Environment and Energy to discuss the current review of the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act

The AIIA will meet with the Department on Monday with other industry stakeholder groups to discuss the GEMS Act and its current review. The last review of the Act took place in 2012. The AIIA have consulted our Environment SIG on the review and will attend representing this group.

Members, if you’re interested in the outcome of this meeting and are not currently a participant of the Environment SIG, please reach out to Damien Lewis.