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The AIIA held its second DTA Cadence Meeting of 2018 at MXA in Canberra on 26 June

This meeting covered updates from the DTA on:

  1. DTA Leadership
  2. IRAP assessment and Accreditation

    Building Digital Capability within Government

    ICT Procurement Reform Activities

    New Digital Transformation Strategy

The Cadence meetings are an opportunity for members to hear directly from DTA. These meetings occur approximately every six weeks. Members, if you would like to attend the next meeting and would like to get involved please contact Damien Lewis.

The AIIA held its second quarter Digital Identity SIG on 27 June

This meeting covered:

  1. Phase 2 Consultations of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF)
  2. Key takeaways from the AIIA DTA Cadence Meeting
  3. Update and finalisation of SIG draft workplan for 2018

The Digital Identity SIG brings together core technical experts across industry who are actively engaged in the DTA’s development of the TDIF. This meeting discussed Phase 2 of the consultations which the SIG have been involved in, from a technical review capacity.

The Department of Home Affairs will launch their Global Talent Scheme Pilot on 1 July

On Friday 29 June a joint media release was made by Minister Tudge and Minister Cash to mark the commencement of the 12 month Global Talent Scheme (GTS) pilot on Sunday 1 July 2018. As some of you may be aware, Minister Tudge foreshadowed the GTS’s commencement in Parliament’s Question Time on Wednesday, and an exclusive article was released by the Australian Financial Review this morning.

The start of the GTS pilot is a significant milestone for Australia and the AIIA are proud to serve on the Industry Advisory Group which acts as a consultative body with the Department through the design phase of the pilot. The AIIA will continue its engagement through the course of the pilot for the next year, where adjustments and refinements to the pilot will take place. The Department have updated their website with further information on this visa subclass which can be found here.

An AIIA member has been selected to be on the panel for the start-up authority.

Digital Delivery of Government Services Senate Report Released on 27 June

The report outlines:

  1. The history of the Digital Transformation Agency
  2. What questions should government be asking?
  3. Critical challenges to digital transformation
  4. Whole-of-government issues

You can read the full report here.