DTA and the AIIA sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Industry and government have signed a memorandum of understanding this week, demonstrating a shared commitment to the delivery of the Australian Government’s digital transformation agenda.

The statement of intent between the AIIA, and Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) identifies opportunities for the parties to share information and draw on expertise to deliver better government online services.

Members, the MoU press release is available on our website under AIIA News and the MoU itself can be found here. If you have questions on the process the AIIA went through for this MoU, please contact Kim Hicks.

DTA Holds its 5th Cadence Meeting with AIIA Members in Canberra

The DTA hosted the 5th DTA Cadence meeting with AIIA members on March 15. This meeting series was established in 2017 to track progress the government is taking in its aim to digitise and transform the federal government and broadly, government operations.

Members, this is an ongoing series which is held every 2-4 months in Canberra. If you would like more information on the series or how the AIIA are helping the DTA achieve its ambitious agenda you can contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis for a discussion.

AIIA respond to QLD Government in a joint letter on QLD Supplier Code of Conduct

The AIIA have jointly developed a response to the Queensland Government’s Department of Housing and Public works draft Supplier Code of Conduct. The response drew on member feedback and was collated jointly.

Overall the AIIA support the draft Supplier Code of Conduct. This is an excellent initiative for Queensland and the AIIA are optimistic to see the government’s compelling stance on the issue.

Members, if you would like further information on the code, you can reach out to Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis to discuss.

AIIA contributes to Cyber Security Working Group – Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

The AIIA have been working alongside the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman on a Cyber Security Working Group. AIIA’s engagement with the group will result in the development of a fact sheet which will help SMEs understand issues in cyber and what they can do to mitigate risks to their organisations and environments.

Members, if you would like more information please contact Kim Hicks directly. Additionally, when the fact sheet has been finalised we will share it with our SME community.