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Implementation of Temporary Skills Shortage Visa


The new Temporary Skills Shortage visa which comes in to effect in March 2018. The AIIA submitted a response to the Migration Intake Review, you can read our position here on the topic, you can also find it under Publications on the AIIA website.

AIIA has met with the Department of Home Affairs to discuss member concerns on the new visa class, the ICT sector implications of the program and how industry will adapt to these changes.


Members, we are seeking immediate feedback on what types of roles are directly impacted by the TSS program; are not included in the occupations lists and need flagging to government. The Department is seeking feedback on roles in the ANZSCO format.

The AIIA will then collate this information and to work on an approach with the Department to progress this issue directly. Please contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis for more information or to provide your feedback.

Mandatory Data Breach Notification


Serious Data Breach Notification

The AIIA supports the scheme in principal. The AIIA has provided feedback previously to government on this issue, raising concerns and clarifications on a notification scheme, how reporting would work, the definition of a threat, data processes vs data controllers.

The scheme goes live on next Thursday February 22. Further information on it can be found here. AIIA’s previous response and position can be found here. For more information, contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis.

In principal agreement to build business case for Xship program

The agreement, with NSW government, will provide a small amount of funding for AIIA to work with our partner, TAFE NSW, to build a business case for the Xship program.

The government is very keen to understand the business model and how it might address the skills gap.

Members, if you would like further insight on this process, please contact Kim Hicks.

Meeting with NSW Finance / AIIA on Short-Form Contract

The AIIA recently met with the NSW Department of Finance to discuss the issue of Short-Form Contracts and member concerns. The meeting went well and the Department is taking on board the points the AIIA have raised.

For more detailed information, you can read our submission here and under the Publications section of our website.

Members, if you would like to discuss this matter with the AIIA, please contact Kim Hicks or Damien Lewis.

Launch into Work Program

The Government has committed $10 million for the new Launch into Work program. The program will fund pre-employment partnerships that provide training, mentoring and work experience to assist job seekers to become work ready.

The program is targeted at women and will support Australia’s G20 goal to reduce the gender gap in women’s workforce participation by 25 per cent by 2025. Men can also participate in the program.

The program is designed to support participants to:

  • move from welfare into paid work
  • build the skills and experience required to overcome individual barriers to employment
  • develop increased confidence and self-worth associated with engaging in meaningful work
  • gain the opportunity to have a career and plan for the future.

Members, if you would like further information about this program, you can read about it here.