Six-month milestone for the AIIA and DTA MOU

t has been six months since the AIIA and the DTA signed the memorandum of understanding demonstrating a shared commitment to the delivery ofthe Australian Government’s digital transformationagenda.

In the last 6 months, the following 12 activities have resulted from the MOU:

  1. Three Cadence meetings between DTA staff and AIIA members and staff;
  2. Two meetings between the CEO of DTA and CEO AIIA;
  3. Two meeting between DTA Communications Officer and AIIA GM Policy and Advocacy;
  4. Three roundtables discussions held by DTA with AIIA members to test ideas and concept relating to the procurement reforms outlined in the Report of the ICT Procurement Review;
  5. One roundtable discussion held by DTA with AIIA members to test the proposed new Digital Transformation Agenda; and
  6. One round table discussion held by DTA with AIIA members on the Trusted Digital Identify Framework.

AIIA looks forward to its ongoing collaboration with the DTA in the coming months.

Human Rights and Technology

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has released an Issues paper exploring issues raised between human rights/ethics and technology.

Please get in touch with Kishwar if you would like to contribute to the AIIA Submission.

Submissions close on 2 October 2018.