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Meeting with DTA on ICT Procurement on 15 October 2018

DTA members will be meeting with DTA in Canberra to discuss progress on the ICT procurement activities.

Please contact Kishwar, if you would like to attend.

Invitation to participate in and contribute to several national ICT education and training curriculum development projects

AIIA members are invited to participate in and contribute to several national ICT education and training curriculum development projects. The initial project work is focused on learning from employers as to what they see as the emerging IT trends, as well as the employability, knowledge and skills needs of our sector. The findings of this work will feed into a larger review of the IT skills needed in the national vocational education and training sector of Australia.

The outcome of this will be a large scale review and rewrite of the IT qualifications from Certificate I through to Advance Diplomas in IT, ensuring learners who undergo these courses are building industry relevant skills ready for the workplace.

In gathering industry intel that will guide this review, PwC’s Skills for Australia are now running IT focus groups across Australia, starting on the 12th of November, in the following IT training areas:

  • General IT skills
  • Web development skills
  • Game development and digital media skills
  • Networking and cloud computing skills
  • Software development and programming skills
  • Helpdesk and systems administration and support


To ensure the project is capturing the needs of industry, we are pleased to facilitate AIIA member engagement and encourage members to sign up by clicking on the above link. Please feel free to send this invite on to your IT colleagues and other IT workers you know – all are welcome.

Who is this for?

These focus groups are for everyone and anyone working in an IT role or in the IT industry. Although all IT jobs are not specified in the above 6 categories, please self-select the topic / job area most applicable to you. No preparation is needed for these focus groups – all you need to do is turn up!

What’s the purpose?

The future of work is rapidly changing, and current IT job roles are constantly adapting to new technologies, role convergence and global tech trends. These focus groups are focused around understanding relevant and practical tech trends affecting IT job roles, so that IT qualifications in the vocational sector across Australia can be reviewed and updated with the knowledge and skills industry need to equip their workers into the ever-changing and competitive workplace in tech.

What do I get out of it?

These focus groups will allow you to connect with other people in your industry and hear about what they’re experiencing in the workplace, as well as give you the chance to have your say and shape the future landscape of IT education within Australia. Feel free to send any questions about the focus groups to Georgia at PwC: georgia.ryburn@pwc.com.