Australian Information Industry Association


Refer a Member

Receive a credit of up to 100% off your membership fee!

Here is an opportunity to spread the good word about AIIA membership, and to be rewarded for referring a new member to the AIIA.

You can refer as many new members as you like. All member employees can make referrals and they will all accumulate for the year (up to 100% of your organisation's membership fee).

If your referrals become financial members of the AIIA within 3 months then AIIA will reward your organisation with a credit towards its next membership renewal at 20% of the first year value of the referred membership fees, up to 100% of your organisation's own fee.

For example, if the referred member's fee is $10k then you would receive $2k off your next membership renewal. If you refer five members at $10k each then your credit will grow to $10k, or up to 100% of your organisation's annual membership fee. Please note that your referral credit is capped at 100% of your organisation's annual membership fee.

That means that your organisation could get a year's membership absolutely free just by referring new members to us!

The AIIA membership team will follow up on your referral and and once a new membership is confirmed we will process your credit to apply to your next membership renewal.

For more details please contact