AIIA Policy Priorities

The digital environment is rapidly evolving in Australia and around the world, impacting every industry, business, government and citizen.

AIIA’s policy priorities are underpinned by our vision to build a world class information, communications & technology industry, delivering productivity, innovation and leadership for Australia.

As part of the AIIA’s ongoing policy and advocacy activities, the organisation actively engages with both Federal and State Governments and key industry stakeholders. To this effect, the AIIA has developed a series of analyses focusing on our five priority policy areas to provide further insights on policies relevant to the ICT industry in Australia.

These priorities reflect analysis of feedback from members and an environmental scan of issues currently facing the digital industry and the economy generally in Australia.

We work with our Board, State and Territory Councils, Special Interest Groups and members generally to identify and advocate the issues that will enable the Association to support growth in Australia’s digital economy and the growth and capability of Australia’s ICT sector.

In the meantime, discussion of many of these subjects can be found in the range of policy submissions authored by AIIA.

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