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The AIIA makes submissions to a broad range of state and federal parliamentary and government inquiries into policy and legislation that impacts the digital industry, and its ability to deliver productivity benefits to the Australian economy and community.

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  • CUAICTS2015 - (ICT Services Common Use Arrangement) AIIA Response (PDF - 153.1 KB)

    Thursday 16 April 2015

    AIIA took the opportunity to provide comments to the Western Australian Government on the Release of Draft Request CUAICTS2015 - Provision of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Common Use Arrangements.

  • Draft ICT Industry Engagement Action Plan - AIIA Response (PDF - 319.1 KB)

    Tuesday 31 March 2015

    AIIA strongly supports the Government’s efforts to engage more effectively with industry stakeholders. We believe the Draft Plan is a valuable initiative for Queensland’s Government, businesses, and citizens. A number of our members have responded directly to your Online Survey. We used this opportunity to provide additional comments which we hope will also be considered in the finalisation of the Action Plan.

  • Review of NTCRS - Letter to the Minister for the Envrionment (PDF - 240.5 KB)

    Monday 30 March 2015

    The letter raised issues regarding the proposed changes outlined in the Operational Review of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) under discussion by the Commonwealth, States and Territories. In particular, we wished to address the potential rapid increase in the targets for recycling funded by industry. The members of the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association (CESA) include the majority of the businesses that fund e-waste recycling under the NTCRS.

  • WA Government Open Data Policy AIIA Response (PDF - 264.5 KB)

    Friday 13 March 2015

  • Digital Skills & Careers - Building the skills today for the jobs of tomorrow (PDF - 180.1 KB)

    Sunday 15 February 2015

    Digital skills are more than just being able to use computers and applications. They involve the ability to design, build or program computer applications to help create new products and services. Digital skills use what is described as “computational and design thinking”, the ability to understand how digital technology can be used to do new and innovative things.

  • National Television and Computer Recycling scheme - AIIA Response (PDF - 257.2 KB)

    Thursday 12 February 2015

    This submission includes: - A set of overarching comments on key themes which we consider are most important for the review. - Detailed comments on key issues from the review paper (including review recommendations). - A table of comments against each review recommendation.

  • AIIA Benchmark Assessment - eSIG Presentation (PDF - 1.7 MB)

    Monday 9 February 2015

    As an independent body, AIIA commissioned this study to obtain a benchmark read to assess the current Australian market trends and attitudes towards IT recycling; identifying areas of opportunities and strengths which can be leveraged in communication to encourage IT recycling.

  • Exposure Draft: Reforms to the Taxation of ESS AIIA Response (PDF - 195.3 KB)

    Friday 6 February 2015

    AIIA has advocated strongly to amend current Employee Share Scheme (ESS) arrangements since their introduction under amendments made to the Income Tax Assessment Act in 2009. AIIA has made it clear that as a matter principle we do not support a policy which effectively taxes employees where no financial benefit is realised.

  • Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 - AIIA Response to additional questions raised by Parliamentary Joint Committee (PDF - 260.3 KB)

    Friday 6 February 2015

    AIIA response to additional questions raised by Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security - Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014

  • ICT Statistics Review 2014-15 AIIA Response (PDF - 553.1 KB)

    Tuesday 3 February 2015

    It is AIIA’s strong belief that you don’t value what you don’t measure. Compared to other industry sectors (e.g.mining, the financial services sector, agriculture, manufacturing etc.) the measurement of the contribution of ICT to our national economy is inadequate and requires urgent attention to improve the quality, granularity and timely availability of data available to inform policy (at all levels of government) and business investment decisions in a competitive global digital economy.

  • Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 AIIA response to Bill (PDF - 203.3 KB)

    Tuesday 13 January 2015

    While we support the objective of public safety and security proposed by this initiative, we have concerns that the draft legislation may not be the most effective means to achieve this objective.

  • Rationale for Cloud Services Framework - AIIA response (PDF - 329.0 KB)

    Monday 12 January 2015

    AIIA strongly supports the adoption of cloud services by government and business and is pleased to help facilitate the transition to cloud services by the South Australian Government. As the Draft Framework identifies, take up of cloud solutions is increasing and indeed, ‘mandated’ by some national and international governments.

  • DigitalSA the South Australian govt digital strategy - AIIA response (PDF - 285.3 KB)

    Monday 12 January 2015

    AIIA strongly supports the objective of the Strategy, which seeks to improve government service provision in South Australia by designing services around the citizen, leveraging effective digital technologies whenever possible.

  • Enhancing online safety for children - AIIA response (PDF - 141.6 KB)

    Wednesday 7 January 2015

    AIIA understands the need for Government to send a strong message regarding the protection of children in an online environment and unequivocally supports the Government on this point. However, bearing in mind our observations above, we remain to be convinced that any regulatory intervention is required and will in fact have any material impact.

  • Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research (PDF - 391.2 KB)

    Friday 28 November 2014