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The AIIA makes submissions to a broad range of state and federal parliamentary and government inquiries into policy and legislation that impacts the digital industry, and its ability to deliver productivity benefits to the Australian economy and community.

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  • NSW Electricity Regulation 2015 Review - AIIA Submission (PDF - 286.8 KB)

    Wednesday 22 July 2015

    Many AIIA members offer equipment for connection to an electrical installation (usually via plug and socket connection, but also via fixed-wired means), the comments focus more on the aspect of compliance of electrical articles. However we also comment on the electrical installations section, as the installation of our members’ equipment may also be impacted by changes in this area as well.

  • Cloud Computing in the Victorian Public Sector (PDF - 275.2 KB)

    Friday 17 July 2015

    This submission addresses the government’s discussion paper on Cloud Computing in the Victorian Public Sector in two parts - key considerations before and after adoption.

  • Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers - AIIA Response (PDF - 182.1 KB)

    Friday 10 July 2015

    AIIA supports the Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers initiative. Electronic health records can provide many benefits and improvements to traditional means of patient information management.

  • Inquiry into Smart ICT - AIIA Response (PDF - 374.0 KB)

    Friday 10 July 2015

    As the peak ICT advocacy group, AIIA has provided case studies on how innovative technologies and new capabilities of smart ICT has helped infrastructure planning and development.

  • Department of Communications and Bureau of Communications Research Strategic Policy Priorities - AIIA Response (PDF - 397.0 KB)

    Friday 12 June 2015

    AIIA supports the Department’s Strategic Policy Priorities for 2014-17. Specific comments on each priority area, outlining future issues and trends are set out in this submission.

  • Digital Identity SIG - Guiding Principles: Online Trust Framework (PDF - 107.4 KB)

    Friday 12 June 2015

  • GEMS Regulator Performance Framework Metrics - AIIA Response (PDF - 168.4 KB)

    Thursday 11 June 2015

    The overarching concern from industry is that the performance measures outlined in the framework do not adequately incorporate demonstrated consideration of stakeholder feedback.

  • Draft Regulator Performance Framework Metrics - Product Stewardship Act 2011 (PDF - 163.1 KB)

    Friday 5 June 2015

    The overarching concern from industry is that the performance measures outlined in the framework are very general and at least on face value they could easily be met even if the regulator was actually performing badly.

  • Re-Think: Tax discussion paper - AIIA Response (PDF - 401.9 KB)

    Friday 29 May 2015

    AIIA supports the current R&D tax incentive scheme and considers government support for R&D should be seen as a net benefit for the economy not a cost.

  • Analysis of stakeholder submissions to the ICT Statistics Review - AIIA Response (PDF - 224.0 KB)

    Tuesday 19 May 2015

    The comments in this document are in response to the ABS Summary document outlining key analysis outcomes of stakeholder comments to the Review.

  • Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Review - AIIA Response (PDF - 429.2 KB)

    Friday 15 May 2015

  • Barriers to Services Exports: Productivity Commission Issues Paper AIIA response (PDF - 366.6 KB)

    Friday 15 May 2015

    This Submission argues that this is essential to Australia’s export capability and the extent to which there are weaknesses in our current system, reflects in our export performance, particularly as this relates to the information and Communications and Technology (ICT) industry.

  • NTCRS Operational Review - AIIA Submission (PDF - 347.0 KB)

    Friday 8 May 2015

    AIIA is a strong supporter of the NTCRS and its shared responsibility approach to recycling. We welcome the new amendments proposed by Government in its 4 May, Operational Review of the NTCRS: further information on possible enchantments paper. We think the amendments are a step in the right direction.

  • Draft Request G-CIO Role Description AIIA Response (PDF - 158.5 KB)

    Friday 24 April 2015

    The overarching role of the Government CIO needs to be one of an educator and leader for all stakeholders, in the role technology has, will have and needs to have across Government. The comments in this submission are provided in relation to the proposed G-CIO position. There is a strong view that the proposed CIO position involve strong industry engagement to ensure buy-in and support for the position by both broad levels of government and industry. The position should also focus on encouraging collaboration, innovation and alignment of ICT solutions with strong and stated business outcomes.

  • Review of Australian Government Cyber Security Strategy AIIA Response (PDF - 430.5 KB)

    Friday 17 April 2015

    Cyber security is increasingly a complex ecosystem. It is difficult for government alone to understand its full complexities. AIIA is strongly of the view that a holistic approach, involving industry, academia, universities and research organisations such as NICTA and CSIRO is required and that this needs to extend to the development of appropriate policy and regulation..