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The AIIA makes submissions to a broad range of state and federal parliamentary and government inquiries into policy and legislation that impacts the digital industry, and its ability to deliver productivity benefits to the Australian economy and community.

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  • Global Tech Association Recommended Outcomes for G20 2017 (PDF - 1.8 MB)

    Wednesday 15 February 2017

    AIIA lodged a joint submission on the Multi-association G20 recommendations and proposed timeline of G20 activities.

  • Joint Industry Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security on the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (Telecommunications Sector Security Reform) (PDF - 357.2 KB)

    Friday 3 February 2017

    This submission is lodged by the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), the AIIA, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and Communications Alliance (jointly, the Associations), which collectively represent the bulk of Australia’s $100 billion ICT industry, including telecommunications Carriers, Carriage Service Providers (C/CSPs), vendors and intermediaries.

  • Consideration of ICT Duties in Budget Season (PDF - 450.5 KB)

    Wednesday 18 January 2017

    As the 2017 budget season approaches, India’s political leadership will make decisions on import duties that have an important impact on the nation’s business climate. Against this backdrop, our members, representing the most innovative information and communications technology (ICT) companies in the world, would like to highlight the value of a stable and predictable tariff regime.

  • Draft policy position - Govt Digitalisation Final (PDF - 122.1 KB)

    Monday 16 January 2017

    With the volume and economic value of the direct access and impact government has on citizens and business, there is clear opportunity for Government to take the lead and speed up Australia’s digital transformation.

  • AIIA Response Matrix - ICT Procurement Taskforce (PDF - 467.9 KB)

    Friday 13 January 2017

    AIIA welcome the opportunity to provide input to the Government’s ICT Procurement Taskforce. The issues outlined in this submission have largely been expressed to the Taskforce through various workshops and face to face conversations with Taskforce personnel and the Minister directly.

  • Developing the NSW Government Digital Strategy (PDF - 208.3 KB)

    Friday 23 December 2016

    AIIA’s view is that the Strategy is sound. However, as a general comment we would encourage the Government to be more ambitious. Emerging technology capability such as Artificial Intelligence, sophisticated data analytics, cognitive intelligence and systems, robotics etc, will have an exponential impact on productivity and the customer service experience – and are already incorporated into systems/services in the private sector.

  • Development of a National STEM Centre of Excellence (PDF - 778.2 KB)

    Wednesday 21 December 2016

    Digital disruption is changing the nature of work. Australia needs to build capability for a 21st century global economy that is driven by data, digital technologies and innovation.

  • Financial Services Innovation - Customer Service At The Heart of a Digital Bank (PDF - 633.7 KB)

    Friday 16 December 2016

    Every bank wants to be a digital bank. Bankers are motivated to engage in digital by cost, new consumers and competition. Digital winners will deliver outstanding customer service through this channel. This paper explores the motivations, the current performance and suggests the critical levers which drive success.

  • AIIA GITC updates (PDF - 615.1 KB)

    Friday 16 December 2016

    The marked changes are provided by the AIIA on the understanding that a further opportunity to provide detailed comments will be afforded at a later date and as such do not represent the AIIA's final view.

  • AIIA General Conditions of Contract Final GITC (PDF - 544.9 KB)

    Thursday 8 December 2016

    The marked changes are provided by the AIIA on the understanding that a further opportunity to provide detailed comments will be afforded at a later date and as such do not represent the AIIA's final view.

  • Digital Identity (PDF - 174.0 KB)

    Friday 2 December 2016

    While AIIA is pleased with what appears to be adoption of a federated approach to digital identity for government services purposes, we are disappointed with the lack of genuine engagement of our industry in the process. This is despite our ongoing efforts to engage with the DTA and open offers to leverage the expertise and experience of the sector to assist in the design and early alpha development processes. AIIA has a number of members with specific expertise in this area, including the ability to draw on experience and intelligence from implementations around the world.

  • AIIA Policy Statement on the Australian Packaging Covenant (PDF - 120.8 KB)

    Thursday 1 December 2016

    AIIA urges Government to consider moving packaging obligations to the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS).

  • Productivity Commission Draft Report: Data Availability and Use (PDF - 236.6 KB)

    Thursday 1 December 2016

    AIIA applauds the Productivity Commissioner for his preparedness to challenge existing practices, his focus on customers and willingness to push the boundaries to realise the economic opportunities presented by data and digital technologies.

  • Program Guidelines – Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence (PDF - 96.6 KB)

    Monday 28 November 2016

    In principle, AIIA supports ACCSE and its objectives to build cyber security skills in Australia. We have some concerns around the current approach and selection criteria. The selection criteria is mostly focused on assessing what universities are doing to date. AIIA argues the need is rather, on addressing the gaps, identifying best practices to meet the gap and incentivising action. The ACCSE can be a great opportunity to lift the bar in cyber security education.

  • QLD GICT: Accreditation Model Feedback (PDF - 362.2 KB)

    Monday 14 November 2016

    This paper aims to provide feedback on the government’s proposed accreditation model. We outline what industry considers best practice for Supplier Prequalification as provided in our 2016 Best Practice Government Procurement Guide.