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  • Growing the pie (PDF)

    Wednesday 1 November 2017

    Although we do a lot of work not a lot of members are aware of the business opportunities we make available or policy wins that members can take advantage of.

  • AIIA joint letter on Basel Technical Guidelines (PDF)

    Monday 30 October 2017

    AIIA co-signed a letter to the Basel Secretariat regarding on-going concerns about the definition of e-waste, what to do with obsolete technologies and more.

  • PM's ACCS - Working Group Agenda - IoT (PDF)

    Monday 16 October 2017

    The industry working group was tasked to address the following: “Security has been a low priority for IoT developers. Can we make the IoT devices more secure? This Working Group will consider cyber security standards / certification for IoT devices to provide greater assurance for home users and on a national level. Could be usefully developed in cooperation with the IoT Alliance group”.

  • Minister-Taylor-IRAP-Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL) (PDF)

    Friday 13 October 2017

    Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL)

  • Skills for today, Jobs for tomorrow (PDF)

    Tuesday 19 September 2017

  • Mr Jonathon Avery - Standards Australia - Social Responsibility Letter

    Friday 15 September 2017

    Reviews underway in the International Organisation of Standards on Social Responsibility.

  • 20150702-AIIA-Code-of-Conduct-PDF.pdf

    Thursday 14 September 2017

  • AIIA Digital Delivery of Government Services Response (PDF)

    Sunday 10 September 2017

    AIIA welcomes the opportunity to input to the Finance and Administration Reference Committee Inquiry into Digital Delivery of Government Services. AIIA has provided responses previously on a range of issues related to the delivery of government services and specifically digital government service delivery. On this occasion AIIA would like to make observations in six key areas impacting the effectiveness of current arrangements.

  • PM's ACCS - Working Group Agenda - Network Threat Blocking (PDF)

    Friday 1 September 2017

    This Working Group will consider the feasibility, implications and options for blocking threats before they can spread across Australia’s domestic networks. The goal is to reduce cybercrime targeting businesses – particularly SMEs – communities and individuals.

  • AIIA - Disruption in Insurance and Super (PDF)

    Tuesday 1 August 2017

    How innovation and non-traditional challengers are reshaping customer expectations, transforming the competitive landscape and forcing insurers and super funds to rethink and reinvent their offerings and delivery capabilities. The future is true customer engagement in key life events supported by “anywhere, anytime, any device, any channel” … and not everyone will be successful. AIIA

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