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  • AIIA Response - Migration Intake Review 2018 (PDF)

    Friday 2 February 2018

    The Skilled Migration Programme has undergone systemic changes over the last year. We outline priority concerns for the ICT industry along with recommendations within this document.

  • AIIA Response QLD Labour Hire Bill 2018 (PDF)

    Thursday 1 February 2018

    AIIA response to Consultation Paper 2: Possible treatments to refine the scope of the labour hire scheme

  • AIIA Statement on 2018 Government Innovation Strategy (PDF)

    Wednesday 31 January 2018

    The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the nation’s peak member body for the ICT industry, has issued the following statement in response to the Government’s new strategic plan to strengthen Australia's innovation culture.

  • AIIA Submission - Copyright Amendment (Service Providers) Bill 2017 (PDF)

    Tuesday 30 January 2018

    Copyright Amendment (Service Providers) Bill 2017 AIIA urges government to extend the safe harbour provisions to online platforms Safe harbour would provide legal protections for digital platforms hosting copyright infringing content if they remove it quickly after being notified.

  • AIIA Response Senate Committee Future of Work January 2018 (PDF)

    Tuesday 30 January 2018

    Please note that AIIA’s response does not attempt to respond to all elements of the Terms of Reference for this enquiry. We make suggestions throughout the paper for change based on evidence provided by our own research and industry activities of our members.

  • NSW ICT Short Form Contract Review (PDF)

    Thursday 25 January 2018

    AIIA Feedback to DFSI on new Short Form ICT Agreement

  • NSW Cyber Security Stakeholder Feedback (PDF)

    Thursday 30 November 2017

    Leveraging insights yielded from extensive industry consultation, the NSW Department of Industry has developed a Government-led and industry-driven Strategy to grow the NSW cyber security industry.

  • The Digital Economy: Opening up the conversation (PDF)

    Thursday 30 November 2017

    This submission is a joint response by the Australian Information Industry Association, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association and the Communications Alliance (the Associations). The three Associations collectively represent the bulk of Australia’s $100 billion ICT industry.

  • AIIA joint letter on Basel Technical Guidelines (PDF)

    Monday 30 October 2017

    AIIA co-signed a letter to the Basel Secretariat regarding on-going concerns about the definition of e-waste, what to do with obsolete technologies and more.

  • PM's ACCS - Working Group Agenda - IoT (PDF)

    Monday 16 October 2017

    The industry working group was tasked to address the following: “Security has been a low priority for IoT developers. Can we make the IoT devices more secure? This Working Group will consider cyber security standards / certification for IoT devices to provide greater assurance for home users and on a national level. Could be usefully developed in cooperation with the IoT Alliance group”.

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