Australian Information Industry Association


SA Council

The AIIA’s South Australian Council aims to be the primary industry influence on the state's ICT business environment. We're committed to achieving a more productive and efficient marketplace and an internationally competitive and export-oriented industry. With more than 50 members operating throughout the state, AIIA has a strong presence in South Australia.

AIIA's interests and activities in SA are coordinated by our SA Council (listed below), an elected group of representatives from AIIA members who work on a voluntary basis to promote the Association and the ICT industry. AIIA's objectives in South Australia are to:

  • be the principal source of views and information on the ICT industry in South Australia
  • represent the industry’s and membership’s interests and influence government policy
  • facilitate co-operation and complementary activities between all members, large and small, international and Australian
  • provide opportunities to connect our members to valuable new industries, markets and revenue streams (in SA and nationally)
  • connect our members to a growing (& returning) local talent pool and support the development of an internationally competitive industry in South Australia
  • promote and highlight the products and capabilities of the South Australian ICT industry through the annual iAwards and events programs
  • actively engage with the research and innovation sectors and position the ICT industry for relevant opportunities in South Australia and
  • advocate high standards of performance and propriety within the ICT industry.


The AIIA in SA:

  • Offers access to knowledge, advice, contacts and business opportunities to people in AIIA companies throughout SA
  • Develops a relevant and topical event program of business briefings, and webinars, which provide insight into industry trends and technologies, valuable market intelligence and regular networking opportunities in a national context
  • Actively engages with the SA Government to inform and develop policies that support the growth of the ICT industry in SA
  • Promotes local ICT capability through our events and the annual SA iAwards program.

Key Achievements
  • Informed government policy through two submisisons to the Productivity Commission’s review into Government procurement
  • Established a close working relationship with the Office of the Industry Advocate
  • Established a close working relationship with the Office of Chief Entrepreneur and the Department for Innnovation and Skills
  • Achieved the appointment of an SA State Council member to the national AIIA Board
  • Actively supported and promoted SA entries into the 2020 iAwards to showcase South Australian industry capability and innovation on a national stage
  • Established relationships and links with other industry associations and held events to provide opportunities for AIIA members to connect with the space and defence industries
  • Influenced and contributed to State and National policy development and represented the ICT industry in SA at relevant cross-jurisdictional AIIA meetings
  • Engaged with the Digital Transformation Industry and the SA Training and Skills Commission on opportunities for training and skills development
  • Held the first national AIIA webinar event and expanded AIIA SA event reach for all events to a national audience through the online briefing series
  • Provided industry representation and input into the development of the SA Infrastructure Strategy
  • Provided industry representation and input into the development of the State’s high tech strategy
  • Proactively engaged with the Minister for Innovation and Skills and the Minister for Trade and Investment and the Premier on Building Australia’s Digital Future in a Post COVID World
  • Introduced an SA Council meet and greet opportunity for new members
  • Provided SA content into the AIIA Connector magazine to promote SA visibility, achievements, talent and services
  • Faciliated a number of joint events between AIIA and other organisations to provide opportunities for members to connect, including with the Defence Teaming Centre and the Governance Institute of Australia.

  • Chair: Karin Geraghty – Principal Consultant, Stratdigi
  • Chair, Government PAN – Jason Dreimanis, General Manager, SA, DWS
  • Chair, Innovation, Space and Defence – Rohan Bishop, Business Development Executive, Adept Technology
  • Chair, Skills and Training – Phil Catley, Client Management State General Manager, Telstra Enterprise

2020 Council Elections

Council members are elected at the State AGM, held in December each year, to serve for the following year.

A description of the AIIA election process and key dates can be viewed at:

Exact dates for the 2020 Council elections are currently under consideration and will be updated accordingly.