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WA Working Group

The WA Government Special Interest Group was originally established as a state-based SIG in 1995, reporting to the WA AIIA Council.

Over the years, the group has developed a strong working relationship with the WA Department of Commerce and the WA Department of Treasury and Finance (now called Department of Finance).

Since 1995 and at the WA government request, it has been involved in all discussions and decisions on ICT policy, strategy, tendering, and procurement terms and conditions of contract in WA. The SIG has been responsible for the dissemination of proposed changes and providing constructive feedback from the local industry at the agencies' request.


The purpose of the group is to:

  • Promote the ICT industry to the WA Government, especially for locally-based member firms
  • Raise the profile of the ICT industry within the WA State Government
  • Work with the Department of Commerce and the Department of Finance to develop an industry policy and strategy; and help define the CTO/CIO role
  • Work with Department of Finance on all ICT procurement matters


The SIG meets bi-monthly, with members attending in person, or by teleconference.

The group also holds events throughout the year – see the Calendar for upcoming events.

Related Organisations

The SIG is engaged in active consultation with many WA Government departments, especially:

The group also works closely with the AIIA Legal SIG on WA procurement legislation.


The group has been influential in a number of key areas for AIIA members in WA:

  • With the support of the AIIA Legal SIG, the group was instrumental in driving the removal of uncapped and unlimited liability from contract terms and conditions for ICT procurement contracts
  • Influenced discussions and decisions by the WA Government on ICT procurement terms and conditions of contract.
  • Contributed to WA Government working groups:
    • Department of Regional Development and Lands Pilbara Cities innovation program (now managed by the Pilbara Development Commission) -
    • Pilbara Cities Technology program
    • Department of Commerce Digital Pavilion
    • Several digital economy working groups

WA Working Group Members

  • Geoff Harben (Chair)
  • Sharon Brown
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Stuart Strickland

Cyber Security Working Group

  • David Ridgeway (Chair)
  • Rhonda Craig
  • Malcolm D Silva

Education & Skill Working Group

  • Jason Cowie (Chair)
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Glyn East
  • Anna Lee Renwick

Event Liaison & Sponsorship Working Group

  • Sharon Brown (Chair)
  • James Reid
  • Gary Wainwright

Mining Working Group

  • James Reid (Chair)
  • Beccy Flock
  • Stuart Strickland
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Rhonda Craig
  • Glyn East

Smart Cities Working Group

  • Oliver Looker (Chair)
  • Gary Wainwright
  • Malcolm D Silva
  • Minesh Hirani
  • Geoff Harben

Membership Working Group

  • Rhonda Craig (Chair)
  • Oliver Looker

WAITTA INCITE Awards/iAwards

  • Geoff Harben (Chair)


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