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About the group

The National Health SIG was recently formed to combine the efforts of the Health SIG with the NSW Healthcare SIG.

  • The Health SIG was established in 2010 as the ‘AIIA Healthcare Taskforce’, by Ian Birks (then AIIA CEO), who saw eHealth as an emerging issue for the Health sector.
  • The NSW Healthcare SIG (originally the NSW Healthcare Network) was active for many years as part of the NSW AIIA Branch.


The Health SIG focuses on the way in which the Australian ICT industry can work in collaboration with Australian governments and broader health system stakeholders to demonstrate true technology partnership, in the transformation of the healthcare industry.

The Health SIG operates under a set of advocacy principles.

Additional purposes of the group are to assist members to:

  • Identify who are the buyers and buying groups in this sector
  • Understand healthcare buyers’ buying strategies (particularly useful for smaller companies which have limited capacity to research this marketplace)
  • Connect with business opportunities, developments and contacts
  • Develop opportunities for early engagement with healthcare organisations
  • Promote their capabilities in ICT solutions and services to healthcare buyers
  • Create a shared forum for ICT organisations with a healthcare focus; and
  • Work with State Govt, generate business at State level.

Related Organisations

The Health SIG oversights matters of health policy and programs at a national level and where appropriate, works with and supports the NSW Healthcare SIG and Victorian Health SIG on local state based issues.

The SIG works closely with the following external groups:

The AIIA is also represented on the Ministerially appointed PCEHR Advisory Council.

Current Objectives

The current strategic agenda and core objective are as follows:

Radically improving health outcomes through the enablers of ICT, innovation and collaboration

Strategic Priority 1: Sustainable Health

Leveraging ICT to improve productivity in healthcare and ensure our health system and practices are sustainable, with a focus on:

  • Modernising Health business and procurement models
  • Telehealth and Telemonitoring
  • Cloud services
  • Support for PCEHR

Strategic Priority 2: Intelligent Health

Leveraging ICT to:

  • Improve decision making and reduce mistakes and error
  • Develop innovative new health delivery and optimal care approaches including care pathways
  • Drive use of SoLoMo (Social, Location, Mobility) approaches
  • Increase use of Smart Agent technologies to reduce workload

With a focus on:

  • Quality outcomes: Big Data, smart questions and data analytics
  • Health Services innovation: Smart devices, infrastructure and consumer applications.


  • The Health SIG meets at monthly intervals throughout the year to exchange and share information on national, state and territory developments and activities and to discuss overarching policy issues and sector developments of national relevance.
  • The group has a regular schedule of events, with bi monthly briefings on a range of Healthcare topics. Current events are listed in the Calendar.
  • The SIG develops position papers and makes submissions on behalf of the AIIA and its members on policy and operations issues related to Health.

The workplan for the last months of the year comprises:

  • Develop appropriate guiding principals and produce a whitepaper showcasing industry approaches
  • Publish bi monthly ‘Insight papers’ to profile AIIA members as thought leaders
  • Identify opportunities to promote and leverage PCEHR / MyHealthRecord and investments to date. Look for ways the IT014 standard body can help clarify the standards to support this process.
  • Host a Federal and State focused Meeting in August

Past Achievements

Although the group has only operated for a few years, it has played a significant role in the development of Health services and policy:

  • AIIA has provided advice as a member of decision-making PCEHR forums to ensure the interests of vendors in the development of health solutions has been considered and thus to ensure policies can be appropriately operationalised.
  • Represented the industry at software vendor forums, including standards committees.
  • Provided submissions to influence State and Commonwealth health business reviews, policies and program development.
  • Delivered an informative and well attended program of Healthcare events.


Like to know more or get involved? Membership of the Health SIG is open to all interested members of the AIIA. Please contact the Chair or Executive to make enquiries.

  • Health SIG Chair: Cameron Cumming - Client Engagement Director at Counterparts Technology