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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been an important part of the AIIA for many years. SIGs enable our members to actively engage with like-minded organisations within their areas of interest, connect with other AIIA members, and to broaden networks and markets.

Details of specific SIGs are listed in their categories:

Industry vertical SIGs
These focus on the use of technology in specific Industries
(Education, Health, Environment, Financial Services)

Cross industry SIGs
These focus on specific technology capabilities and policies
(Digital Identity, GeoSpatial, Legal, Policy, Product Requirements, Security)

Government SIGs
Working with state and territory governments to improve digital policy and use of technology

WA Working Groups

The WA Government Special Interest Group was originally established as a state-based SIG in 1995, reporting to the WA AIIA Council.

The SIGs are aligned with the AIIA Strategic Framework and provide a practical implementation of the AIIA values, but each SIG defines its own purpose, goals and activities. AIIA SIGs are designed to be:

  • Member driven
  • National in reach and operation (with some specific exceptions)
  • Defined by a clearly articulated purpose, objectives and outcomes
  • Designed to deliver member value
  • Ratified by the Association
  • Authorised to make policy statements, formal submissions, or otherwise represent the AIIA (subject to endorsement and support by the CEO or Board)
  • Active in contributing to policy, position papers and other AIIA activities
  • Subject to governance protocols and processes determined by the Association; and
  • Supported by the Executive.


Membership of the SIGs is open to the management and staff of any AIIA member organisation who has an interest in this area and would like to engage and contribute.

The Chair may invite specific non-member organisations from other Industries to participate in a SIG, in order to contribute specialist skills or knowledge. Non-members do not hold a vote and cannot act as Chair.

SIGs are encouraged to collaborate with Peer Associations, Industry bodies, government agencies and other organisations which increase the interaction between the SIG members and the broader industry and markets.


SIGs are subject to two forms of governance, in accordance with the AIIA SIG Policies and Procedures manual:

  • The SIG’s own structure, which is headed by a Chair and Deputy Chair; and
  • The AIIA Board, which ratifies the SIG’s Terms of Reference, receives reports from the Chair and monitors the goals, activities and effectiveness of the group. (For local SIGs, the Branch Council provides oversight).


For more information on AIIA SIGs in general, including SIG development, management, and support, contact the AIIA Executive – Madeline Karakaidos at

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